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I'll send my book to you and Ted for review, as IDrew Neisser requested I do for him (oh wait... I have to write one first). Seriously, thanks for having the cojones – or simple intellectual honesty – to offer a real (read: useful) critique. From the authors' responses, it seems to be useful to them, as well as to folks like me. I'd also like to compliment you on the astute strategy to blame Al Gore while simultaneously complimenting him with that very trim, youthful photo. Brilliant!
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David, I appreciate the post script, and look forward to your "meta-review of my meta-review" Chuck Kent
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Great analogy, great post, thanks. With all the buzz about "social listening" (which can be very valuable) I think marketers too often overlook the need to get face-to-face, and human-to-human
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Dec 6, 2012