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I am honored to say that I have stood shoulder to shoulder with this Warrior for the Unborn, as we, and many others, marched, in June 2015, across the James Pettus Bridge to bring to light the atrocities that illegal abortionist Samuel Lett was inflicting upon the women in the area. As the most recent addition to the ladies of The Last Civil Right, it is an honor to work with her to bring to light much of the hidden history of America where Christian, Black Conservatives have been part of the bedrock of this Nation, issues regarding Life [from Birth to Natural Death], as well as the work we've done regarding public policy and a Biblical Worldview, are concerned. Babette is my mentor in this work, and I avail myself of her considerable Wisdom and plethora of experience at every opportunity. The best thing is, with all of that Power she holds, she is a genuine and true friend, whom you want to have in your corner. Congratulations Babette on all that you've done! I can hardly wait to see what you are preparing for next!! G-d Bless!!
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Feb 1, 2017