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But... what if... instead of one home, there were twenty-- a community? What if these stones which the builders rejected became a foundation made up of others who know what it is to need to care and be cared for, but also who know that they are survivors (the best sort of foundation)? What if, when Gene & Jeanie don't come home, Danny & Maggie are there to notice-- and visa versa-- and go out looking for them? What if there was a community in which nothing was more important than taking care of one another; again and again, calling one another back?
Provoked by this entry, my reply, I fear would overwhelm. I do not normally blog on homelessness, although there are a few entries which are related "Girl on a Bus" and "Failure of the alter-Christus" for examples, but it is what began as my reply to this blog which I ask you to consider: "The Homeless Heart." Thanks to all of you who "get it."
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Apr 26, 2010