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Chris Hamilton
Arlington, VA and Washington, D.C.
Chris Hamilton is the Commuter Services Bureau Chief for Arlington County Transportation, is a native Washingtonian and lives in LeDroit Park in the District.
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I also meant to add that all proceeds generated from memberships and fees go therefore, to the local jurisdictions, not the private company that operates our bikeshare system. See this report for more info: Thanks again, Chris
Thanks for the good discussion guys. Darren's article on GGW and his report are very well done. I wanted to make the point that there isn't such an entity as "CaBi." Capital Bikeshare is owned by the local governments (DC, Arlington and Alexnadria at this point) and is operated under contract to these jurisdictions by Alta Bicycleshare. All planning and marketing are done by the local governments. This is just how our local ART and DC Circulator bus systems are operated. I wanted to make the distinction because "CaBi" can't do anything in Prince George's County. Only Prince George's County can. Also for the record, we appreciate Darren's work because we consider CaBi part of our local transit system. As a local government we want to take into account issues of equity in our operations of the system. And so we are addressing these issues. Thanks, Chris Chris Hamilton Commuter Services Bureau Chief Arlington County DOT
Biased, lazy reporting. And Adam is someone whom I've liked and followed on WTOP. It's biased and lazy because it starts from the premise that people are upset and concerned about more bicyclists on the streets. These people are never identified. Michael is right, vehicles are worse. I ride my bike, including commuting nearly every day. And every day I encounter idiot cars on the streets who put my life in danger. And let's just stop all this nonsense about bicycles needing to follow all the same rules, all the time, everywhere. Forget it. And WABA and other bicycle advocates should just say so. Its called common sense. Pedestrians make judgments every day about when and where to cross the street. If no one is around, I'm going through the red light. It's called an Idaho stop. As our streets get more crowded with bikes and pedestrians we just all need to think and share the road.
We just received word that the contract has been signed and the Purchase Order has already been submitted to Alta for the stations and bikes. This order was for $894,000 worth of bikes and stations. The $200,000 in Decal Fee bikes were already ordered (those are the Court House and Clarendon ones going in shortly). A map showing the locations of all the bikes bought or on order, going out to Ballston, should be on shortly. Again, the stations and bikes approved by the Board last night will be ordered in a few months - once we've completed the public input process for the stations sightings and gone through the VDOT contracting process, which this time should go more quickly. You can tell us where you'd like bikes to go at And regarding winter installation, if the bikes and stations come in during the winter and there isn't snow on the ground, we'll start installing. We agree that our area is good for bike transit 12 months a year. Chris Chris Hamilton Commuter Services Chief Arlington DOT
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2011 on Arlington bikeshare expansion status at TheWashCycle
Everybody has this a little bit right, regarding the Arlington stations. Here's the story: A station at Court House should be going in within a couple weeks. Three more stations should be going in up to Clarendon before Thanksgiving. And that's it before next spring. Another twenty-five stations (about) will be going in during the Spring. Yes, these stations were originally hoped to have been installed in calendar 2011 and the funding for most of these (other than the ones being approved by the Board on Tuesday) were approved in May. However, Arlington is still awaiting a signed contract from VDOT to use the Federal CMAQ funds. Federal rules prohibit us from even ordering the equipment without a signed agreement. Despite the best of intentions, the bikeshare stuff seems to be confounding our friends at VDOT - especially their Richmond office. When the County Board approved the agreement in May we thought VDOT could turn around a contact in the summer. We are still waiting. Once we receive a signed contract we'll issue a purchase order (already waiting) and it will take 3-4 months for the stations and bikes to arrive). We hope to receive the contract soon. At this point, its just as well that we not install the stations in the middle of the winter and rather do so in the Spring. We hope, after having been through this round, that the Stations the Board is approving Tuesday night (also Federal CMAQ money through VDOT), will go more quickly and that the new round of stations, after a public input process in the winter, can be installed by the Fall of 2012 bringing Arlington's stations up to 70. That's a lot of stations. And a lot of work. Chris Chris Hamilton Commuter Services Bureau Chief Arlington DOT