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I agree with your appreciation of required holidays. My boss belongs to a religion that doesn't celebrate most of them, and last year he was ranting on Father's Day about how you should appreciate your dad every day. I kept my mouth shut, but felt offended at the suggestion that I didn't appreciate dad every day. I like the collectivity of such holidays, the knowledge that an entire culture is celebrating a concept. Hopefully, they're doing it creatively, as you suggest. If my guy didn't do anything for me on Valentine's Day, I wouldn't care, and I don't think he'd care if I missed it. So long as we get in some amount of romantic bonding time now and then, I think we're good. But even so, I can spend Valentine's Day feeling warm and fuzzy at the fact that my guy and I have a similar attitude.
@Brin Don't worry, I don't need any sheep. I've commented around here before, on those rare occasions when others don't say what I have to say more eloquently than I ever could, under either Criada, EColeman, EHColeman, LizColeman, or maybe even LisaC, depending on how I feel at the moment. If I had more to say, I'd force myself to be more regular. :-)
Oh look, and now I get the same icon that Evil Atheist had. I therefore retract my comment about Dave's icon. So much for educated guesses.
What the heck? When I sign in with facebook, it just names me as "A Facebook User"? Screw you, Facebook.
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Jan 31, 2012