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Cristina Bornstein, EEM-CP
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Hi Lyn! Yes after this experience I am very aware about what happens after you balance one system and what happens to the others. I think I was tuning into how it felt at the moment and not what it would feel like later. As you know all our systems are so intertwined! It feels terrible when you have done one good thing but then another imbalance arises. I think a good way to tune in is to ask for help. from your "helpers" and also from the persons body. After this experience I was working on someone and I asked "is more work needed?" and I energy tested their spleen and the answer with that person was yes and I ended up having to ground them to make sure the energy I had just "loosened" had somewhere to go. I guess that's what I'm thinking about now - when I move energy where does it go and are the pathways available for it. It's all so interesting! xo cristina
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The Cerebrospinal Fluid Pump. This is an amazing technique to get rid of headaches and to get the spinal fluid moving which is beneficial to our overall health. How to: In each position take three long deep breadths in your nose and out your mouth. 1. Put your left hand on your heart and your right hand over the right side of your head ā€“ just over the ear 2. Keeping your hand on your heart move the other hand to the back of your head ā€“ from the middle of your head to just over the curve of the head. Your fingers will be pointing to the top of your head. 3. Now put your right hand on your heart and your left hand on the left side of your head ā€“ just over the ear. 4. Keeping your hand over the heart take your other hand and place it on the front of your head. Your palm will be on your forehead with your fingers pointing to the center of your head. You can do this a few times. I did it about three times very slowly to get rid of my headache. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions. Cristina
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May 24, 2011