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I grew up in my father's steel fabrication cooperation. I ran my own construction business and worked on getting the first synthetic oil operation operation up and running. When I asked the owners (who I knew) why they they took my bid, I was told it was because I was driving a late model 240D Mercedes Benz. But I did job on time and budget, and as head hunter found and supplied them with a excellent quality control chemist as well as building her QC lab. Later I switched my MB with a Cessna and a Hughes 500 (AKA OH-6) to keep my clients happy whether crossing the country or putting them, their bankers and lawyers at the race track to watch their thoroughbreds (the first trainer we used won at the 2004 Kentucky Derby). I drove their limousines (I was trained at the Bondurant driving school), I also rescued, refurbished, or simply babysat their boats through hurricanes. But despite the impressive skill set I had, I wasn't college educated, and treated as such. Like Chuck Yeager, being the fastest and most talented wasn't enough. He wasn't an astronaut because he didn't have a college degree. There is something very wrong with that picture, and I now have 3 degrees - two Summa Cum Laude - from an internationally known private school - surrounded by kids who complained I asked to many questions and yet would have been gibbering with an engine fire because they only had one engine and couldn't feather it. Because they didn't ask questions, and as General Yeager said (the only father I knew that borrowed a jet to get into Vietnam and "hunt" with his son) "never wait for trouble."
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Sep 4, 2013