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I love the way you break it down! The idea of ROI being two pronged (or evolutionary) is so dead on. The short sighted organization is :still: looking for the transaction (the immediate gratification. The more evolved organization understands this relationship with the consumer is like any other relationship. An evolution. And as with any relationship, as it deepens between the original parties - in this case, the organization with the customer - there may be a sharing of influencers. The goal here is to connect with the (profitable) consumer in a way that extends your original relationship to now include other profitable customers as a result of the delight of your original transactor. Two things are key to this actually working: 1) that your organization can differentiate between a profitable customer and a non-profitable customer (and they do exist) and from there the organization can effectively incite the original (profitable) customer to promote. It ain't easy but a core of good ol' fashioned effective customer service and CRM goes a long long way here. Thanks again for getting me excited about this special moment we're in - great for the customer and FABULOUS for the forward-thinking organizations.
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Jan 26, 2012