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Crochet Stitchin' and Hot Flash Bit*hen'
Mother Earth...
So much yarn...So many colors...So little time... Crochet Heaven!
Interests: Crochet, gardening, needlework, cooking, painting, walking, baking, traveling, crafting, eating, cellercising, music, blogging.
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Oct 13, 2011
My Sweet Little Bingo... My very sweet little Bingo... I had to make the hardest decision a fur person's Mom could make today... My little Bingo dog, who has been with me 18 years and who was already an angel, went to sleep today and has gone to be with her other furry brothers and sisters. She is now is a true angel. She was so very old and today she was suffering. I won't let my pets suffer in their last days... I cried alot today and am crying now. I will miss her forever... It will be very... Continue reading
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Sep 14, 2010
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Aug 27, 2010
YAY!!! I'm in!
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2010 on Big Deal - Gwinchie #5 at You Can Call Me Gwen
You've been a busy girl the last few days! I've missed you! My internet provider died! I mean DOA, croaked, a goner, ka-put, D-E-A-D! So no Gwen, no Pioneer Woman, No Attic 24, no e-mail, no nuttin'. Grrrrrr! Over a week!!! Love your inchies! Hey? I was wondering if you take special requests for your inchies? You took a lovely photo of those sand plums still hanging on the tree in a lovely little bunch?! I was wondering if you would pretty please use all that wonderful talent of yours and inchi-tise that lovely photo? I just thought it would be pretty! Thanks for sharing all your talents!
Now, that's funny!!!
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2010 on It was like high school. at You Can Call Me Gwen
Do you see it? No!!! It is not cute! Do not think it is cute! It is an ornery cat! It's evil little mind is thinking of the next evil little deed that it will act upon bringing mayhem to it's cat brother and cat sister or maybe even it's owner. It lies in wait for it's cat brother and sister and then attacks! It rules the house, yard & bed and wants to take over the world! It's owner will call it and when it gets within petting distance it will run away! See it's little face? It is... Continue reading
I love your creative "inchy" little blog!!! I do have a question though??? What do you do with all your little inchies? Do they have a home? Or do you frame them in little inchie frames? Cute!
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2010 on They Survived at You Can Call Me Gwen
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Jul 22, 2010
I had to laugh... I know just how you feel... I have no brain cells left as I am battling the menopause monster... No memory, etc. On top of that I have the nicest little camera that had a few bells and whistles Canon Powershot 630 which I love but no.... I just had to take the leap to a Canon EOS Rebel XTI 400D with a fancy schmancy lens... I have no idea what I bought or how to use it... It sure looks good though.... I've had the darn thing a week and haven't taken a photo yet. I think I'm intimidated... And I haul 6000 gallon loads of cyanide all day(to the mines here). So basically I'm not afraid of much being a woman. But... This camera... Lordy! I praise you for taking some classes. I hope some of the information will connect. Good thing I have some cobwebs in the old noggin in case I take a class maybe the info will stick to them... Good luck! I'll be checking in on you! Thank goodness you have a youngster in your house. She'll be saying "oh, Mom, do it like this"
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2010 on What the What?? at Wren's Nest
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Hello fellow bloggers! This is my Mother's Day bouquet, that still looks good enough to share with you all on this beautiful day! So sorry it has been so long but my recovery has taken longer than anticipated. Here are a couple of photos of my ankle and why I have been gone... This is the front of the left ankle This is the side of the left ankle. It's much better now that the hardware has been removed. It still looks kinda bad but it is really alot prettier than it was right after surgery. It is not so... Continue reading
You know that beautiful stillness that comes over the world when it snows? That quietness that is so rare in our busy world? I'm lucky enough to live in the country where I can enjoy it. I soaked in the hot tub last night with the snow tickling my face. It felt so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o g-o-o-d!!! Anyway, it snowed all night, all morning and it is now past noon. And yes, still snowing! Gray and cold outside and warm and toasty inside... Here is the cure for winter snow... Hot tea in one of my favorite mugs and lazy orange cranberry bread... Continue reading
Wow! Ebay is a wonderful thing! Can you believe over a pound of buttons for craftin' and crochetin'!!! There are a couple in here that will go just wonderfully on my next project... A carry-all (mostly yarn) bag. Either done in straight rounds or maybe a ripple pattern... Hmmmm? I just want it big and soft and colorful and full of yarn! Yesssssssssss!!! The sun was shining just at the right time to take this snap... I think it turned out quite lovely! Update on the camera case... Though I liked the pretty colors, my little case needed some decoration.... Continue reading
Is this the grooviest afghan or what? I found this photo in an old vintage crochet book from the 70's. It has so many little hidden "charms" in it. I want to try one myself. Just think of the possibilities! What a fantastic idea! I can't wait to start some sketches of some of my favorite things to hook into my hippy, happy hippie chick afghan. I am just about finished with my soft waves and this is one I can slowly build while I work on something else. Oh what fun! Continue reading
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Feb 3, 2010
What a beautiful day! I woke up the sun is shining. My beautiful afghan project was draped across my chair. The orange, gold and olive afghan was hooked by my paternal Grandma Connie. You can tell it was made in the 70"s can't you? I am sipping a cup of tea with my last piece of pumpkin bread. Delicious! And planning the day. Another trip to town. Groceries and a stop at the post office to retrieve a couple of packages. Little doo-dads I won on ebay. I made a little "sock" for my new camera. Just a little something... Continue reading
I woke up to snow today. Big flakes, little flakes, a big flake looking out at the little flakes... The big flake decided to bake a lazy loaf of pumpkin bread... (note pumpkin colored font) I say lazy loaf because it used the Krusteaz dump it out of a bag, mix in 3 magic ingredients and Voila! Years ago that would have been a sacrilege not spending the hours baking from scratch, But the family is raised and quick, easy and tasty are the key words! Very tasty though and the crust is Oh so crispy! Steep a cuppa Oolong... Continue reading
What a beautiful smiley sunshiney day! I sat in my rocking chair in the corner of my living room this morning and let the sun shine on my face whilst I sipped my mug of coffee with a touch of Toffee Coffeemate. The warmth of the sun chased out some of the winter cold that has set in around here. Ahhhhh! I had to take my desktop to town Monday as it had slo-o-o-o-o-wed down and froze up so much the last few months I couldn't take it anymore!!! So I suffered through the slowness (molasses in January slow) of... Continue reading
It is happy sunny today, and the sun is warm. I sipped my coffee and lit a stick of Nag Champa incense. The sun is shining through the windows warming the house and it is a little break before the next storm as we have had a little northwest drizzle here in the desert of the southwest. I think country pork ribs the meaty ones are on the menu for dinner tonight and something new for a side dish. I have to run to town to get a few things and for me that is about a 25 mile round... Continue reading
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Jan 24, 2010