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LET me add something quick. I followed this dirt bag for more than 10 years. Forwarded all the documents to the Attorney General Ms. Milgram and she was investigating. Chris Christie brings in Paula Dow as NEW Attorney General. I receive a letter: State Attorney General Paula Dow: January 21, 2011 Telling me investigation is Closed INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE. No way was I going to let this happen. I contacted NJ Comptroller and we had to start at an investigation at a new point with all my documents. Hence the current charges. Due to the time, delay & statute of limitations investigation had to start at a new point. Really hampering the full investigation as requested back in 2009. Actually really stinks: and I say shows how corruption in NJ pays. He gets a kiss on the cheek, retains all his gains the list goes on. I knew he was guilty, he knew he was guilty. Durr gives a plea deal on a tear jerk reason, his family. HELLO his family they are living a lot better than the people in Chesterfield Township struggling. 5 year no parole, he was offered 4 year no parole. He comes back with NO jail time at all and probation. A $250,000 payment to state. That is like $25.00 to him. This truly stinks and is wrong. He will walk out of court on June 17, with his family and they all will be laughing as they did at every court appearance. Arrogant, disrespectful as usual, AND extremely WEALTHY for a dirt farmer. People wonder how corruption is so rampant in NJ. Because it pays. Added note Paula Dow is now a judge in Burlington County also. She was not involved with this criminal case; she is in a lower court. Question is how did she come up with INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE. I would love to say, but they are waiting for me to say the who and the ties. This guy is to high up for me to touch. enough said.. Welcome to the world of politics. Now Let see what all his friends have to say. They had a lot to say, to and about me on how innocent Durr was.
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Apr 21, 2016