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"...why are all the Atlantic carriers based in VA?" = military intelligence. Looks like they are also expecting a big Hawaiian Spring: native Hawaiians revolting to get their land back.
Re: Obama is a Marxist, Well, at least he is not a Muslim then! What a hoot!
GeorgeR, are you second guessing NBC? How do you know NBC is "scrambling" after a coverup? Maybe NBC doesn't want to have to publicly acknowledge CBS (the competition) for breaking the story. Of course, Fox will make a big deal out of it as they attempt to spin their web of negativity around the present administration. But Fox didn't uncover anything. Fox regurgitates. Fox did not break the news of GW Bush drunk driving. Do anyone believe NBC viewers are unable to change the channel, or that they don't read other news; and that Daily Show viewers think that show is real? The video segment pokes fun at BS Fox spinmeisters like Hannity. The segment is an illustration of, "the rest of the story", regularly left out by the spinmeisters. What was being covered up? That the DoJ lost track of the weapons? Fire the DoJ department heads. When you refer to "Congressional contempt", aren't you referring to the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives' Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Maybe that is "the rest of the story" here - timed political gain. Your stated point of informing us about the outrageous behavior of NBC and Fast and Furious is also predictably heard bouncing rapidly and rabidly off other various reflective surfaces of the right wing echo chamber. BTW, I recently found another cable news source, RT, Russian Television, cable channel 103. Fair and balanced?
BTW, guess what was on the Today Show this morning...Fast and Furious!
Here is the clip that EaRL referred to. Watch from about 3:25 on the timeline. Stewart illustrates how Fox viewers are repeatedly being duped. But, of course, you all seem oblivious to this reality; or, you have your suspicions, so you try to do the old, "a good offense is the best defense" thing and attack other news organizations to take the scrutiny off your sacred cow, Fox News. I don't watch much of partisan news programming from outlets like Fox, NBC, etc. I don't know who does. I watch NBC in the morning to see what the headlines are, then I head over to Good Day Sacramento for local news and weather. Then I take in a few newspapers, the Bee, SF Cronic, Union, etc. or whatever else is laying around, then there are the Internet headlines that show up in my email inbox, etc. Then I head over here to see the latest feigned outrage that Fox, Limbaugh, et al. have been trying to drum up and into the conservo echo chamber. This NBC witch hunt is no different than the Fast and Furious witch hunt - not especially newsworthy. The idea behind F&F started with the Bush Administration. No news there. So, why the big brouhaha now? Drug dealers are going to buy guns from whoever wants to sell them, or whomever they can steal them from. If they didn't buy tagged weapons from the FBI, they would have killed their enemies with weapons from some other source (perhaps corrupt Mexican military officers). No news there. Of course the Republicans want to work up any outrage they can in the election election season. So, what else is new(s)?
Regarding Meckler's claim, I found several references of news articles going back to mid-2011 that indicate otherwise (anyone with an AP or Reuters feed is the same to me, even Fox).
View from a conservative?
Regarding Lassen County, Lassen is home to the High Desert State Prison, California Correctional Center, a Federal Correctional Institution, and Herlong military base, a casino, an Indian Rancheria, power plants, and encompasses 4,720 square miles of land vs. 975 sq. mi. for Nevada County. It is not exactly an apple-apple comparison.
Doug, since no one claims ownership of the signs, they are effectively litter and you are doing a community service by removing them.
What a load of hooey (that's Chinese for BS)! These vidiot producers are such a hoot! "GM" manufactures most of its China market vehicles locally through Shanghai GM, a joint venture with the Chinese company SAIC Motor, which was created on March 25, 1997. The Shanghai GM plant was officially opened on December 15, 1998, when the first Chinese-built Buick came off the assembly line. The SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile joint-venture is also successfully selling microvans under the Wuling marque (34 percent owned by GM). -Wiki 1997 was a "few" years before 2008, yes? GM sold close to 3 million cars in the US in 2008 and, in 2010, sold 2.4 million cars in China. -Wiki It is not rocket science, gentlemen. Look at where the cars are selling. Also, according to Wiki, "GM employs 202,000 people[1] and does business in some 157 countries". Don't we have a few Toyota plants here in the USA? Wasn't the gripe with them that the profits were going overseas? Well, now, the profits are coming in from overseas.
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This does sound strange, but from my own experience at the voting booth I can say that I don't think a person can just walk in and vote without any verification made before, or after, voting. That is what recounts are for. How does one prove I.D when voting by mail? You have to make up your mind if you want big money, federal government programs, like a national I.D. department, or would rather that states figure out who is eligible to vote.
The Obama Stash respondents are wannabe funded liabilities.
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Found it in my inbox this morning - my dad sent it to me.
I wonder who bought all the Solyndra equipment? China?
I am referring to the Russ S. list above of all the bankrupt solar manufacturers assuming they are facilities, like Solyndra, sitting idle, waiting for orders from customers. Maybe I am mistaken. Are those "bankrupt" solar companies running at capacity andt just seeking protection from creditors?
I am pretty sure Obama is a "natural citizen" in that he was born here, or born somewhere else of a US citizen. Why people continue to lose sleep over this is beyond me. What ever happened to the notion that this birther vs. Bain stuff is all just political noise? The gloom an doom reporting of this, or that, failure in the solar industry also means that their are opportunities for "the Bains" of the world. All that idle manufacturing capacity can still be put to use to help with our peak electrical demands.
If taxes for businesses were equal across the board, local municipalities would still be competing to lure those businesses into their communities. Look at the athletic league wars going on in big cities around the country. So, taxes must be raised to support the poor orphan corporations looking for a home. Then, the CEOs take home ten of millions in salary a year, while the average taxpayers stay stuck in their economic ruts.
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I just watched the Romney, Steel Dynamics, commercial. What the commercial didn't say is that Bain received $77 million in subsidies for its plant in DeKalb County, Indiana (Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, June 23, 1994). Bain also got $18 million in local tax incentives for a structural steel mill in Whitley County, Indiana (AP State & Local Wire, October 21, 1998, via Nexis). But, hey, its OK. If he didn't have his paws in the subsidy honeypot (commons) like all the other greedheads, he would not be competitive. What a hoot!
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Greg, you may correct regarding Obama and Ayres, but I would question the time frame being assumed in Obama's answer. I would guess that the two did talk frequently - at some point in time - but I cannot speak to their relationship at the time he was asked the question. Yes, a lot of money was pissed away in Illinois, on education in general, just as it has been in California (as has been pointed here on RR).
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@T3 (trash talking Todd) 8:15pm Friday - were you drinking and keyboard surfing? You sure are rude sometimes. My post could have been interpreted, but was not (why am I not surprised), as an appeal to a third party. The right lovers dredge up some old Obama history like the Annenberg challenge, and the left lovers do the same with the likes of Bain capital. I don't pretend to be an expert on political history and the work history of the candidates. My reference for my Annenberg comment was here, What I noticed while skimming through the article is that Annenberg donated $100s of millions through the challenge. Chicago put up some matching funds but the majority of the funds appear to have come from private donations. Regarding the public funds used, this section seems to explain it, " In recognition of preexisting strong support by local foundations—which were already spending more than $12 million per year on Chicago school reform (including $4 million per year from the MacArthur Foundation and nearly $3 million per year from the Joyce Foundation)—the Annenberg Foundation agreed that the Chicago Annenberg Challenge could draw upon existing commitments as a source of matching funds.[18][34] The public match would come from public funds committed to implementation of the 1988 school reform law, including some of the $261 million per year state Chapter 1 antipoverty funds provided to Chicago public schools (an average of $500,000 per elementary school and an average of $800,000 per high school).[18][34]" Millions of public monies were already being spent, right? So, why the feigned outrage directed at Obama? As far as what's up with Bain, I have no knowledge, and don't really care. I only mention it because it the latest "gotcha" (political noise) from the left. I would think a candidate who is referred to as the father of Obamnicare would have more to worry about than his past successes or failures in the private sector. Do we need a paternity test to determine if Romney or Obama are the father of that evil spawn? How about a Ron Paul write-in campaign?
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Here is a new one from Team Romney supporters,
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So, you got one guy who was hired to oversee a privately funded social experiment in getting people to take an active roll in their communities and government; and you have another guy who used to run a corporate "pick and pull - Bain wrecking and salvage. Ralph Nader: where are you?
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Obama made promises, or you took campaign rhetoric a little too seriously? Bush/Cheney also said lots of things and they got re-elected.
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