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Eli Underwood
I'm so into you.
Interests: Words, vox, images, recovery
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Sheltering in place as community service. Everything I bring to this I've learned from indigenous, black/brown/LGBTQIA organizers/movement workers/activists. And from my Russian matriarchs raising me in abject poverty with great creativity and grit. Skills - when they are learned, shared and honored, they multiply, sustain xox Continue reading
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I'm the working poor. I have no sick days, no paid time off. No savings, no family, no material wealth, no job or home security. I have chronic diseases that compromise my immunity and I'm a trauma survivor living the embodied reality of C-PTSD. Ok, and? It is what it is, man. Who is at risk now isn't abstract if you know me. You know someone whose life can be endangered by flaunting your ability to ignore public health directives. My life, which I actually really deeply and wildly cherish. I'm not in self pity or crying out for attention... Continue reading
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We are humans relearning to wash our hands. Washing our hands is an act of love Washing our hands is an act of care Washing our hands is an act that puts the hypervigilant body at ease Washing our hands helps us return to ourselves by washing away what does not serve. Wash your hands like you are washing the only teacup left that your great grandmother carried across the ocean, like you are washing the hair of a beloved who is dying, like you are washing the feet of Grace Lee Boggs, Beyonce, Jesus, your auntie, Audre Lorde, Mary... Continue reading
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Love is the sequencing of medicine stories it is healing room to call back the moon love is an apology bridge over trouble water love never lies always communicates has no gray area, and flashdance flashy love is a fuzzy friendship blanket it is grandma's cookie dough beatitudes hug grandfathers onyx stargazing smile love is a frankincense southern starry sky it is a two-year-old craving pancakes on Saturday morning gives shelter to lost raven tears love will be a sister to sister lifeline a city park playdate love hangs on, even when our hands are bleeding it's a rollercoaster souvenir... Continue reading
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People revere Greta while revering her indigenous peers is too much. Honoring them means learning of their mammoth traumas, and the ways we are complicit. The daily truth of that is too graphic for people with the random, unearned privilege of supremacy/security. Ignoring indigenous realities tilts one out of right relationship with earth, with tragic results (see: now). People who romanticize Native ways who don't make room in their hearts for Native battles are dangerous. All the sage in the world won't purify them, all the dreamcatchers hanging dead from their rearview mirrors Continue reading
Posted Feb 11, 2020 at LOVER
I'm deeply sick, heartsick, soul sick, about where we are in history, where we have brought earth, and how easy it is to be stuck in the binary thinking that got us in this anthropocene. We are in high extinction mode, on every level. So many of us are feeling it rocketing in core, cells, bones. It's extreme, it's now. Do you wonder how anyone can continue to show up, work for justice, fight and work, work and fight? They make time to grieve is how. I'm a teacher in ways to be present for grief, and I'm interested in... Continue reading
Posted Jan 30, 2020 at LOVER
Spent the day in criminal court jury pool being given graphic facts to determine if I could be objective in the case of a "family friend" sexually molesting a 9yr old girl. It was also horrible hearing the terribly biased and misogynistic opinions of my fellow citizens. Men and women both saying that without DNA, they wouldn't believe the girl (EVEN THO the state's attorney explicitly articulated that DNA is not in the domain of burden of proof, and that a woman's testimony ALONE is all they are required by law to provide in order to argue a perpetrator's guilt).... Continue reading
Posted Jan 27, 2020 at LOVER
Fact: Two people can remember something differently, and neither has to be lying. Also fact: men do not fully comprehend how what they say and do really means and feels to women. Not because we're from *different planets* ugh - but because in a patriarchal, misogynistic culture (broken record wahwah), men are centered in all things in such a way that they are protected from the impact of their words and actions. They don't HAVE to know, so unless they work hard to pierce their buffer of privilege and bias, they'll never know their true impact on women, or the... Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2020 at LOVER
World War III isn't starting, it's long been underway. And (white) Americans aren't gonna die - (brown/black people) Iranians are gonna die. A lot of commentary out there is centered on an illusion of colonizer vulnerability, as if anyone can reign down on America the same terror we reign down anywhere. This isn't new, USA does it ALL THE TIME. It's horrible, it's always been worth protesting, and we have to see through the fictional narrative they're creating to the truth: this President is illegitimate, and we are not free, or liberators. We denounce the imperial, colonial, white supremacist bombings... Continue reading
Posted Jan 9, 2020 at LOVER
My father, Fleet: Korean War, fighter pilot, Chickamauga Cherokee & Scottish, a real sonofagun. He wasn't a great guy but he had loads of charisma. I'm definitely his daughter, even tho he didn't know me and didn't wanna. It cracks me.up, we make the same droll face. He did awful things and abandoned me. What was his trauma? That made him a traumatizer. Ancestral, for sure. Sigh. I wish he would've been my dad, I could've really used a dad. Continue reading
Posted Nov 11, 2019 at LOVER
Just spent an hour trying to break up a fight between 2 teenage boys. The web of violence around them is intricate and generational (I know because we talked and talked and talked). The pause is only temporary, and one or both of them might be dead tomorrow, or next week or next year. I want to destroy the system that produces the culture that produces this for them. I want them to have every opportunity and privilege and joy, I want THEM to lead the world, not be mired in violence and trauma. But the world has failed them.... Continue reading
Posted Nov 11, 2019 at LOVER
If one day you woke up with the dark inside / in every body there's a door of light, heavier than you might imagine - a path runs through it and the song won't last - if only you could glimpse what's behind the opening, at its heart only patterns - Now wing now dirt now food now bird - unprecedented risk, ordinary risk / maybe it's only forgetting that keeps me alive as someone I met in a dream / vast promise. Maybe it's forgetting that keeps a life whole, maybe remembering thinks it can live on air while... Continue reading
Posted Nov 6, 2019 at LOVER
Do you ever get hit so strongly by such a powerful childhood memory that you sob with poignant loneliness for a pie made with berries you picked in a hot field with a black horse swatting flies with his long tail, and your grandfather's quietness at the edge of the pines when you both held so still that deer walked up to you and blinked, when you believed that somehow the moon in the dark lake was going to be your life? But it wasn't and it's gone - all of it, the woods, the people, the home, the fields,... Continue reading
Posted Sep 30, 2019 at LOVER
Bella Ciao/Marc Ribot & Tom Waits Continue reading
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Thank you, Emergent Strategies community for our immersion. I'm saturated with embodied and witnessed growth, vulnerability, bravery, joy, grief, lessons, 💖 close 💥 intimate 💖 community. As an introvert with C-PTSD and on-the-spectrum sensory overload challenges, you helped me/modeled for me how to stay in my body, discomfort, blunders, goofy, immersed, neck deep - you honored my limitations in a way that radically affected my perception of myself in relation to you. The sustaining bounty of delicious food & coffee, water, tea, potions, chocolate, fruit, sage, rosewater, wisdom. The questions, pain, healing, power. Secrets revealed, relations beginning, revelations, patterns, spin,... Continue reading
Posted Jul 1, 2019 at LOVER
Way Back that time I went to Prague on a photography fellowship and demanded my boyfriend Jonathan meet me when it was over so we could fly to Barcelona where we lived like mad youth for weeks in dead summer heat, washed our clothes in the sink, walked for days in all directions, drank gallons of red wine with coca cola (yes) and coffee coffee coffee, ate many greasy salty things, roamed night-wet alleys madly in love, eyes spinning black lace songs, fought, cried, danced, and climbed to the top of the Sagrada Familia feeling the whole time like our... Continue reading
Posted Jun 18, 2019 at LOVER
She jotted down what she He couldn't read fast enough The action at the very moment Then there was rue Linné No one remembers the eleventh arrondissement At the tip of the tongue We return to love/invent Savory/chess problems Through micro-vignettes Bread and butter dreams Flight toward windy sky Returned to romance I go with The presence in Paris/old new To astound even the most experienced Communication seaborne I was being/asked Unfolded on his lap Bookbinder, cobbler, rusty key The world comes to each day Love letters in a dinner jacket Humming We make silver/stories I affirm verities Mazes and... Continue reading
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just my krewe (all photos ©EAU) Continue reading
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didn't we ramble (all photos ©EAU) Continue reading
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Going Home ceremony for Big Chief Donald Harrison Sr. All photos ©EAU Continue reading
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