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I congratulate Phoebe for withstanding such harsh treatment so beautifully and courageously. Secondly, I can feel the helplessness of the parents, which was so overwhelming that it has rubbed on to the writer. I know exactly how it makes one mad when you know that you are correct but are being short-changed. The question we must ask is why were the employees of United so reckless? And I can just imagine what could be a scenario, among others. The employees are stretched to the brink. If they pay attention to Phoebe, they might miss on their schedule and they will get flak for it. They must be also aware that if they went out of their way, they will not be appreciated enough. They know someone else is assigned to the job and hopefully (?) will do it right. All these are signs of tough management standards set by a person, set far away from the ground realities. These stringent standards were set to reduce the cost, so that it becomes a viable option and thus increase the profits. The pointer to this conclusion emanates from the reaction to the possibility of bad PR on TV. So, the way we customers can hit back is by giving the bad publicity it deserves and inflicting pain where it hurts maximum. So, congratulations goes to the author for taking the first step.
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Aug 17, 2012