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Pedro Côrte-Real
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Once upon a time I did my own developing and enlarging at the family darkroom and although it was a nice challenge I only really became a photographer when the feedback loop became a few orders of magnitude smaller thanks to chimping, quick viewing on the computer monitor, and getting nice prints in 10 minutes from an inkjet. Frankly, I say good riddance to the darkroom. I did however pause when I read Dennis'comment and his mention of no longer being forced to think in black and white. I do miss it. The pack-rat in me was always appalled when people would turn on the B&W modes on their point and shoots. Why throw away perfectly good color information? But then I remembered that the B&W mode on my DSLR, if it worked in RAW, should only really affect the thumbnail. After a quick change in the Sony A700 interface I now have a camera that chimps in B&W and yet still stores away the full color info. That should make for an interesting photo exercise without losing the option of going back to color on any given shot.
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Mar 12, 2011