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Cruising Cuisine
Recent Activity Marc Stern Search this site Main Content Video: Human Rights for Persons with Disabilities Opening Brief RE: B214023 Tennessee v. Lane Marc Stern Bio Main Content California Supreme Court Petition For Review PDF download >> After An Order Of Dismissal By The Court Of Appeal, Second Appellate District, Division Three, Case No. B2l4023 Stern v. Biscaro Property: PDF Download >> APPEAL from a judgment of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County Peremptory Challenge 08-18-2010: PDF Download >> Various Court & Legal Documents 08-24-2010: PDF Download >> Federal Statutes: PDF Download >> Remittitur: PDF Download >> Decision: PDF Download >> DANIELA BISCARO, Plaintiff and Respondent, v. MARC GREGORY STERN, Defendant and Appellant "Following the trial court's failure to rule on his request for accommodation of his disabilities, Marc Stern appeals from issuance of a restraining order against him and from a default judgment awarding a condominium to his former wife as her separate property. We reverse and remand for further proceedings." Government agencies have obilgations to investagate and provide protection for citzens with disabilities. HATE CRIME RAPID RESPONSE PROTOCOL In August of 1999, the Attorney GeneralLockyear issued a Rapid Response Protocol [PDF 29 kb / 4 pg] to assist in the investigation, identification, arrest, prosecution and conviction of those who commit hate crimes. The protocol will ensure an immediate deployment of California Department of Justice resources when a hate crime occurs involving serious injury, death or significant destruction of property. Department resources to be made available to assist local and federal law enforcement agencies include: forensic services, intelligence specialists, profilers, criminal and civil rights attorneys, and support for victims of hate crimes. OLMSTEAD DECISION Disability activists have hailed Olmstead as a landmark decision with implications similar to that of another historic ruling: Brown v. Board of Education. In the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), Congress described the isolation and segregation of individuals with disabilities as a serious and pervasive form of discrimination. Services to persons with disabilities must be provided "in the most integrated setting possible." - Web Page>> To be a victim at the hands of the criminal is an unforgettable nightmare. But then become a victim at the hands of the criminal justice system is an unforgivable travesty... Sargent Shriver Civil Counsel Act (California AB 590)- Web Page >> President's Task Force On Victims Of Crime: Final Report - PDF download >> VIDEO: Celebrating The Victims Of Crime Act - View Video >> Crime Victims' Rights: Fairness. Dignity. Respect - Web Page >> Damage Cases For Persons With Mental Disabilities - Web Page >> First Response to Victims of Crime - Video >> Click here to link to site >> Protecting Californians From Hate Crimes - PDF>> The ADA: One Avenue to Appointed Counsel Before a Full Civil Gideon - Web Page >> This article proposes a novel legal theory for providing legal counsel to people whose disabilities prevent them from representing themselves in courts or administrative proceedings. We argue that the Americans with Disabilities Act requires these courts to provide lawyers or legal representation as a reasonable accommodation for those litigants who lack the physical or mental capabilities to understand the proceedings or to put forward an adequate defense. Marc Stern Ruled a credible victim of a violent crime (2004 Hate Crime) by Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board of the State of California. PDF download - 12 pages >> Subpages (4): Marc Stern Bio Opening Brief RE: B214023 Tennessee v. Lane Video: Human Rights for Persons with Disabilities
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