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The thing about Prima's so addicting...I've bought one after another of the Relics and Artifacts and I can't stop!!!! Those rhinestone chains are OFF the chart!
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2016 on RELICS & ARTIFACTS® - 2016 at Prima
I almost missed this!! Vicki, YOU are the reason I started scrapping....years ago you made a layout for your daughter that had a fairy with "fairy dust" and the dust was little embellishments...that was all it took!! Love your work!! I hope I win! Merry Christmas!!
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2014 on Giveaway, Giveaway, Giveaway!!!!! at Vicki Boutin
To have HOPE that I COULD win something THIS awesome....would be the star on the Christmas tree! As always, Heidi Swapp is guaranteed to "make pretty stuff" it, hope I am the lucky winner! MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS to ALL crafters 🎄❤️
Hey, hey!! you are speaking my language!! I love checking in on your Halloween projects! I've done several copycats from the past years....makes me HAPPY
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Keisha! I miss your layouts!!! You are too busy making cards! :) Happy Mother's Day!
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Keisha!! Cards are cool but I miss your layouts!! You must have to do them as projects.....or maybe you like using new dies....:). The Big Shot rocks!
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Keisha!! I had asked you which die cut machine you recommended and you gave me the answer....I went with the Big Shot as HSN was having a nice, I don't know whether to thank you or curse you...LOL...those machines are the BEST!!!!!! I have had mine for a litle over 2 months and cannot get enough die cuts or embossing folders! I am partial to Tim Holtz and Anna Griffin die cut folders....I also went up on the Amazon links you provided...there are some AMAZING things to do with them!!!!!! thank you for the recommendation.....keep on doing what you catching up with Keisha :)
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2014 on MFT's Release Rewind-day 2 at A Bit East-coast
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Wowza! Lots of people LIKING your products! Let's see.......tough choices but I am digging the clear album and the snapshots card set...all beautiful Hope I win! Thanks!
Toggle Commented Jan 24, 2014 on Did you see this? It's BIG... at TERESA COLLINS
Keisha! I just LOVE your hearts! Which die cut machine do use the most? You have so you use different ones or just one that you're able to use dies from different companies?
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2014 on mini valentine pockets & tags. at A Bit East-coast
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I was waiting for your Christmas post! I've been following you too long...LOL....I remember all your Christmas decorations.....and the bottle brush trees you got when you lived in China! Beautiful!
Toggle Commented Dec 7, 2013 on tis the season. at A Bit East-coast
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Ahhhhh! I waited for these!! Beautiful!!! Next, Christmas! What are your colors for this year?
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2013 on HAPPY HALLOWEEN at A Bit East-coast
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Keisha! LOVE your BOO cards...Halloween is coming soon....I would love to see what you could do with Tim Holtz' line (halloween) it!
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Keisha! These projects are awesome! I love the garland! Where did you get your mercury glass hearts? I only find them in plastic, not so your stuff? Shoot....been there, done that....I always pin your them all
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2013 on happy valentine's day. at A Bit East-coast
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I felt very sorry for you reading your story, you have overcome a lot. You seem like a caring, loving mother. God bless you, Teresa!
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2013 on Facing hard times... at TERESA COLLINS
Hey! You remembered! That's how you keep your fans! Ok. I got it.....thanks for your posts this week....such great ideas.....I've been pinning your stuff.....your camera takes such sharp, crisp images....thank you, Keisha!
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Everything is awesome but my favorite? The RED and the little envelopes! Oh, the things I could put inside....little reminders of that day....luv note to my hubby...missing my son notes....those are my favorites!
Keisha...girl, you keep inspiring me....but I have two questions for you...first, what do you do with all those tags you make? I know you must have tons by now...I also remember that you do frame some of them..but the rest?? also, how do you stamp and emboss so neatly? you have no messy glitter left over...I have tried and tried to make my stamping come out neat but it never your pictures...always so neat to see what's next on the Keisha site ;)
Toggle Commented Dec 20, 2012 on merry cards & tags. at A Bit East-coast
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I've been watching you...Keisha....waiting for your Halloween stuff to come out....I'm creeping...cuz I LOVE all the black and white you use.....I think what's fun about the Halloween season is that every year, we get to add to our previous day, it won't fit in the bins the stuff you make....I'm going to keep watching....thanks for sharing :)
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2012 on let the haunting begin. at A Bit East-coast
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I ran into her (nicholebee)scraproom while doing a search on two peas one time...when I looked at the pics she had posted, I thought wow, Keisha Campbell did her room up! It really looked like she was trying to do it like yours...her love of white..and other things. Look, there are bottomfeeders everywhere and that's what she is. Keep on doing what you are doing and if you have to copyright, then do it. You deserve credit for your work...don't let a bad apple make you forget, but do be careful. We live in a not so nice world. Your true fans will always know your work, at least I do have your own it, love your work...go on.....keep it real :)
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2012 on long overdue at A Bit East-coast
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There is nothing hard about losing weight....cut back on calorie intake, exercise....most people will lose weight....unless there is a medical problem...the hard-core part comes in AFTER...the maintaining part....that's why I mentioned I don't believe in cutting all fat/'s not possible to live that way forever. It's better to learn to eat everything in moderation...that is truley changing your eating habits for the future..I have been an exercise fiend and enjoy all foods...all in moderation, of course for the past three years now...that takes commitment and will power, but I would never cut off sugar completely. I can't live that way (and I am a size 1/3) by the way....with sugar (in moderation)
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2012 on IT's SUNDAY... at TERESA COLLINS
Teresa, that is fabulous...I had ballooned up a few years ago due to depression..amazing what negative things and a boo hoo attitude can do to a person. After 3 years of tossing away my size 13 pants for good..I have maintained my weight and size to a 1/3. I know that's drastic. I had to learn, but I didn't do anything as dramatic as you. People need to realize the body needs certain things...moderation is the need to cut out all sugar because you cannot maintain that for the rest of your life. Some just don't know when enough is enough. I wish you luck, the maintaining is the hard part, always, so it's best to start w/moderation and the exercise is always the KEY to everything. Good luck to you...I also found out that eating out is the devil....that is what started my weight gain, and you are right..that is something that should only be done a few times a year....I have never looked the skinny me and luck to you.
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2011 on Some things to share... at TERESA COLLINS
This week was bad....a pulled tooth and stomach bug....could not craft let alone clean my house and cook...this, my sweet Teresa...would make my weekend and ohhhh the Halloween projects I could finish up with this...luv luv luv
love, love, love this!!!!!!! you rock, Teresa!!!!!! you motivate my crafty side.....I am sooo crushing your blog site right now...:)
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2011 on I can't help myself- sneak peek! at TERESA COLLINS
Love, love, love this!!!! Teresa, you rock!!!! I am sooo crushing your blog right are my new 'fav' scrap motivate me in artsy ways!!!!
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2011 on I can't help myself- sneak peek! at TERESA COLLINS
Lisa, I just love your always cover so many different projects. They are never expensive or call for hard to find, weird items....I always come back to your are awesome!
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