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Charlevoix, MI
Never fry bacon when you're naked...
Interests: movies, music, reading, writing..
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Today I am getting my new tattoo. Watching DJ draw it up is awesome.. I know it's going to hurt like hell, but it's going to be awesome and I so can't wait.. I will post pictures.. Continue reading
So, I've become quite addicted to pinterest lately. I love seeing all of the different ideas, photos, food blogs and such. Maybe it will inspire me to find out what it "is" that I in fact want to do with my life. Now if only I didn't have a picky child who tells me "I don't like it" when she's never even tried it! And I thought I was doing a good job keeping her diversified. Continue reading
Sitting outside my math class waiting to go in, sometimes I hate showing up early for things. I sat as long as I could in the dining hall on campus before having to retreat in fear of becoming the latest victim of "the Jersey Shore wannabe's". They sit near me and I can actually feel myself getting dumber. Continue reading
I am finally starting to feel a bit better and a little more like myself finally. I'm telling ya, that sinus infection/flu thing I had sucked! Then when it turned into a migraine it was even better! lol No, not really. I'm trying not to be blah on my blog, but, it's kind of hard to sometimes. But maybe now that my head isn't trying to emplode on itself I can focus on my studies and getting myself back to normal, both physically and mentally. I know someone is out there laughing at the thought of me getting back to... Continue reading
Last night I had the epifany that I am slowly starting to loose my mind. I hate doubting myself at this stage in the game but I don't know what I was ever thinking by taking so many classes while trying to work full time. What the hell is wrong... Continue reading
Posted Oct 25, 2010 at I'm going slightly mad
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Oct 6, 2010
I surely hope that you know what you're talking about!
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So, I'm trying to do things better in my life. You know, like eat better, love better, be a better mother, friend, companion. It seems like everything I try either backfires or I can't keep my attention focused long enough. If anyone has any advice, or ideas on what I can do, I'm all ears. I've tried eating better, almost becoming a vegetarian. Didn't work because i realized I like red meat way too much. I just wish there were some kind of manual for life. I'm good at following directions, but terrible at following my own heart or advice. Continue reading
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Oct 5, 2010
so, I was thinking that this whole working and going back to school thing was a good idea.. I think I need me a sugar daddy while I'm going to nursing school so I can just focus on school and tell work to take a hike for now. Continue reading
I love the changing of the seasons, the colors of the trees, the chill in the air, the cold/flu season is afoot. I went to Walgreen's to stock up on my DayQuil and NyQuil so I can actually stay a bit focused for work and school. I missed my A&P class this morning because I just felt like crap. I stayed up last night watching the new show "Boardwalk Empire" on HBO. Was a fantastic show and I'm really going to be looking forward to it this season. Although, the baby incubator store right next to the salt water taffy... Continue reading
just finished watching the new Sherlock Holmes on Demand with Robert Downey Jr. I hadn't realized that it was a Guy Ritchie movie until it was finished and I still found that I enjoyed it. I was afraid that because I don't particularly care for Robert that I wouldn't like it, but it was good. I look forward to a sequel. Continue reading
For any of you who thought I had fallen off the face of the earth (turns out, it's harder than it looks!), I am back and hopefully with lots to write about! I am thinking about starting a video blog, but, I've found I'm much better at writing than talking. I started a new job in May, started school this month, so I'm working full time and going to college full time which is nice because it's keeping me busy. I find that I tend to get bored easily and when I get bored I get myself into trouble! So,... Continue reading