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Christine - This article is an interesting follow-up to a comment that a friend of mine made in an e-mail to me this am. She noted that it appeared to her that there was a lot of movement int he Tarot world, and that everyone was looking ofr their "place". What you focus on here is internal dialogue, self-awareness, and moving back from the public spotlight. Speaking for myself, that is exactly what I am doing. It is the right thing for me to do. :) Blessings, Bonnie
I love the paragraph on "attitude is everything" this month! We need to have that conversation with our Higher Self from a point of clarity and intuitive openness. We need to know within ourselves that we can be whatever we want to be, and that we are co-creators of our own life.
Christine - Very happy to see the new format with the Tarotlogy spread. It is good to move into the work that you are now doing, and to get readers involved in the spreads to "personalize" them. Blessings, Bonnie
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May 13, 2010