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Dance for LIFE -----I SEE U---
Interests: human kindness----dancing!!! smiling : )
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Is there a Face Book page that everyone has gone to instead of here? I left a message today, noticed that others left the same type of message before me. Happy Holiday's to you. Today is my day off.
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Long Time No Type. Should I stay or should I go. I think I will stay a bit longer and type a bit more. I am on Face Book as well. If I would like to Take this moment and say HAPPY HOLIDAY'S to anyone reading this. Take care of yourself and something or someone else.
Dec 25, 2012
Nice to meet you all.
Hello Everyone--Can't stay---Just wanted to say HELLO. The sun is out today and I am very,very happy. : ) Continue reading
Posted Mar 18, 2010 at AVATAR
I was on an airplain leaving New Mexico. Continue reading
Posted Mar 15, 2010 at AVATAR
I was in the airplaine leaving New Mexico.
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Do you think it is forever warm there? I wonder how would they deal with a lot of snow.
Mar 15, 2010
Thank's for the kind words about my photo. Yes I did take it myself. I was in New Mexico.
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Mar 15, 2010
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I would like to share also.
Mar 12, 2010
Thanks for the nice pictures.
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It is so cute : )
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Mar 8, 2010
Love that pic. I can Look and feel that way sometimes.
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Yea! That is so true. Very sad but true.
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Mar 2, 2010
( TAKE ) is a bad word
Black women are beautiful in any color.
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QOTD? Activist no. However, it reminds me to never forget and to keep an extra eye on Human behavior. The bad and the good & greedy. Continue reading
Posted Feb 24, 2010 at AVATAR
Thank you
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QOTD--I have seen it 4 times. 3rd time was the best. It took three times to see it for entertainment value and not let the memory of pass wrong doing to some cultures upset me. I love the movie. It... Continue reading
Posted Feb 19, 2010 at AVATAR
QOTD? I loved when the Na'vi came together to pray. All hands reaching out touching one another. Then all together the movement begins. All for one and one for all sending energy to their higher spirit. Continue reading
Posted Feb 15, 2010 at AVATAR
That looks funny : 0
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They should move to my home. ( I wish ) Continue reading
Posted Feb 11, 2010 at AVATAR
We all were to eat the food that was givin to use from the earth and the trees. That's the way it was to be naturally.
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