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This is an interesting development. I must first disclose that I am not a Jobster sotckholder. In the early days of I worked closely with Jason Davis to help drive traffic by including mentions and links in the Recruiter Newsletter that goes out to 35,000 staffing professionals. As we can can see the site has changed since Jobster took them over and not for the better. The new Ning site for Recruitingblogs prouldy promotes on the homepage. This move seems to be premature but depending on the what the terms were of the sale could be enforced. I also started a Ning site for Recruiters @ and we already have nearly 500 members. The Ning platform has been fun and easy to work with. Best of Luck to Jason in his effort to change the world and spread the good word of recruitng blogs. We will support your efforts. Word to the folks at Jobster is that you get more for giving out candy than sour grapes. Sure, protect your investments but look inside at what you can do to improve things. Craig Silverman - The Recruting Network
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