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Forth One's Mystery Voices have been guessed today after nearly 3 weeks. Daniel Beddingfield Anthony Worrell Thomson Martime McCutcheon.
Toggle Commented May 22, 2006 on Lazy Sunday at Paris-Normandy 2006
Message For Claire Edwardson. Hi Claire, Hope you are enjoying yourself. Pity the weather hasn't been that great for you all. Mont St Michel looks amazing. Hope you're taking lots of photos. How's the food? I can imagine what your reaction would be to frogs legs and snails if you get the chance to eat these. Have you visited Omaha Cemetery yet ? Hope you didn't spend all your money at the Bayeux Market and remember no tack please! Not much news here, Lee swam in the 200 fly at Glasgow on Sat in the U12's. The competition was high but he fought hard not to come in last. Cam didn't even win. Hopefully going to visit Auntie P this afternoon. Haven't tidied your bedroom, I'll leave that for you. Take care love Mum p.s. I'll get Lee to post something but it wont be nice !!
Toggle Commented May 21, 2006 on Lazy Sunday at Paris-Normandy 2006