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sorry all, I mangled that link, so here's the correct one:
John, thanks for a refreshing post! Digesting a bit, I perceive that creation spaces enable people to act with less friction because they are more [local] and personal, yet networked to a larger whole. Narratives, I think, are most poignant when they help critical people realize something they feel but may not understand, so the narrative becomes very powerful because it explains. If this understanding is correct, I can see how they work together to empower change. Whether a narrative will galvanize a group of motivated people is largely up to chance, according to Duncan Watts' research into "influencers" and social network dynamics. He emphasized that inter-connected networks are so dynamic and complex that it's virtually impossible to "predict" behavior with any certainty. He also debunks the concept of "influencers," who have at best a tiny incremental advantage in influence. I reviewed his book, Everything">">Everything Is Obvious, and commented at length. Therefore, we can't predict which narratives will spark people to seed creation spaces, but that mustn't stop us from trying! Change instigators can improve the odds somewhat by listening, considering and communicating crisply and often. Carpe diem.
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Sep 8, 2014