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Where AmeriCorps and Connecticut Unite!
Interests: Social justice, service, communication, learning, etc.
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We have changed blog hosts. You can now follow the Connecticut AmeriCorps blog on Tumblr here; Continue reading
Forty or more hours a week, I work closely alongside my AmeriCorps counterpart, Jocindee Sancho-Kromah. Jocindee, 23, is originally from Monrovia, Liberia, but lived most of her life in Chicago, Illinois. We sit side by side in our basement office, the only two Corps members in our small Greenwich Red... Continue reading
Whenever I meet someone new, the “What do you do?” “Where do you live?” questions will inevitably pop up. What follows my answer of “I’m an AmeriCorps member, I live in Greenwich” is usually raised eyebrows, along with a “Realllyyy. You must do very well for yourself.” Even when I... Continue reading
Teaching can be hard. I mean, really hard. There are days that make you want to tear your hear out (probably why so many male professors and teachers are bald). We want our kids to succeed so badly, and it is incredibly frustrating when they choose to act like less... Continue reading
The sun had set, and the streets were quieting down as Hartford residents sought refuge from the snow and cold in their warm homes. I (along with many other volunteers) was scouring the city for homeless individuals to create an accurate census of this demographic in the area. We stared... Continue reading
Last Thursday, my husband and I (along with several others) went and did the Point in Time Count in Hartford. We teamed up with Mickie from the Immaculate Conception shelter and tackled most of the downtown area and a couple of more remote parks and roads—there were only three groups... Continue reading
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While most of New England has been covered in snow and ice for the past week, we had some exciting times at SMPA. We have had 5 days of school over the past two weeks, what with snow days and Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This is great for recreation... Continue reading
In two hours I will be hitting the streets of Hartford for a Point In Time Count. It is a survey administered all over the state by the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness to the homeless population in all urban and suburban population. Tonight, hundreds of volunteers will be heading... Continue reading
So, part of being an AmeriCorps member is to serve while being energetic and consciously interested in the job we’re doing, right? Right. But let’s be real; not everyone we work with and encounter is just as energetic. In fact, sometimes they are apathetic and complacent to the world around... Continue reading
Every Friday afternoon, my AmeriCorps counterpart and I head down to the Boys & Girls Club in Greenwich to teach a “Masters of Disaster” class. In this class, the kids learn how to prepare themselves in the event of a disaster or emergency; how to protect themselves if stuck in... Continue reading
Oh, man. What a week. We had MLK Day on Monday, a snow day on Tuesday, school on Wednesday and Thursday, a snow day on Friday, and then I flew home to Texas for the weekend. The past week was the snowiest “hurricane” I have ever seen, by far. AmeriCorps... Continue reading
Thanks for the kind words Marie! This is definitely one of my favorite activities, it is almost always applicable regardless of the topic or intention. I used this while I was on an Alternative Spring Break focusing on DC Public Schools, you would have loved the responses, very powerful ideas! -Kate
After a day of service and learning, my group gathered for their final reflection. I asked the group three questions, “What would you start in your community? What would you stop? What would you continue?” I placed out three canvasses and markers, and let the students answer these questions. Immediately,... Continue reading
This past Monday, all AmeriCorps members shared in the experience of celebrating MLK day. Our particular AmeriCorps experience attracted significant attention. We had nearly 150 volunteers, from across the state, gather together for a day of Martin Luther King Jr. day related celebration and service. Our kickoff celebration featured a... Continue reading
Yesterday morning, as many people had the day off for MLK day, (and thus great privilege of sleeping in late) I was awake by 5:45am to make the long drive from Greenwich to New Haven. I, along with my AmeriCorps counterpart, were off to a New Haven elementary school to... Continue reading
I’ve been thinking about this blog topic for a while, but I did not really know if it was appropriate or not to write about on a public forum. In keeping with my theme of hope, I wanted to highlight some of the situations of our families at SMPA in... Continue reading
Part of the reason I have passion for my job is because I enjoy the interaction with people that I may have never met before; people that are willing to offer stories that are much more dynamic and powerful than anything I’ve ever encountered before . They are some of... Continue reading
This past Friday, I made the over-zealous decision to drive to my boyfriend’s house in Poughkeepsie, NY after an early release from work because of an impending snowstorm. Even though I have made this drive numerous times (mind you, a relatively quick 65 miles from Greenwich to Dutchess County) what... Continue reading
I spent the break between Christmas and New Years Day ringing in the festivities in Albany, New York, celebrating the marriage of my friends Chris and Julia. The whole experience was a wonderful diversion from the stresses that sometimes creep into my life. The reception goers partied-it-up at the historic... Continue reading
I am just going to say out right; I have a tendency of talking to strangers. Regardless of where I am or what I am doing, whether I want to or not, I end up talking to people around m e. Generally the interactions are limited to the niceties, but... Continue reading
I’m annoyed, which is putting my sentiments lightly. I’ve spent the better part of today trying to chase down the policies that Connecticut and Hartford have in place to ensure that the homeless population of the state doesn’t freeze on (too) chilly winter nights. I started online, searching the local... Continue reading