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If I can give you a hug I would! I know how you feel because several years ago, I was sexually assaulted by a middle school kid on the K going outbound. I was reading when this punk ass kid came up to me and pressed his groin into my shoulder and said "all pleasure." I was furious and got up and told the bus driver. The driver stopped and asked the kid if he did that, but his female companion jumped in and denied it. The bus driver then tells me that he couldn't do anything because that girl said he didn't do it! The punk kid and his friends started screaming at me that snitches die. I was terrified that if I got off the bus, the kids would follow me so I was forced to stay on until they got off. I was extremely upset and was crying on the bus. I later filed a report with SFPD and I pretty much got the same reaction you did. I wasn't satisfied so I called MUNI and filed a complaint too. I learned that it was really important to get the bus number otherwise there isn't much they could do, at least according to MUNI. I also learned that you should swing your elbows because it can deliver a really hard blow and you can pass it off as an accident. Don't be afraid to put on your bitch face on. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and filing a report. I admire strong women like you. :) is now following The Typepad Team
Sep 13, 2012