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Thank you for separating out the streaming releases! I hope you continue to do this.
The best interface I've seen is vudu on the ps3. You get rotten tomatoes scores, review summaries, wiki, etc. You can watch trailers and preview the first 2 minutes of any movie they have available (though it kinda sucks that this is often mostly opening credits). Plus the a/v quality is outstanding.
stopped watching at the demos but it's unfortunate he didn't talk about netflix 5.1 audio support on the ps3 which is a pretty huge factor for anyone with decent audio gear.
Didn't we just have this topic like a week ago?
what is party movie watching?
Yeah this is super annoying. I use a browser extension to be able to highlight a movie title and right click > search netflix for it and this started happening to me on the first search recently.
I've had similar issues and gave up trying to manually organize my (300 title) instant queue. I now use a chrome extension called Netflix Queue Sorter to one click resort in various ways.
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May 16, 2011