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My one day max was 886 photos on two cameras all raw. A full day of shooting a wedding. The next weddings after that I have gradually gotten to around 500 per day. Too much is not good for choosing, but one has to have the necessary moments captured + portraits and it all adds up.
Depending on budget, I would go either a MacbookPro 13" Retina and a big screen. Or the maybe not so typical choice, a macbook air+ a mac mini. With enough memory the mini is really good. Anyway, whichever way, you really need as much RAM as possible as its not possible to upgrade and will be a bottleneck in photo editing.
I love how the XT1 looks. However had the chance to shoot with it for a short spell and the short of it is: it just feels too small in my hands. Side by side comparison with the Oly EM1- was suprising as well. The EM1 seems to fit my hand better due to the more substantial and three-dimensional grip. I think it needs a bit more time to be sure, but at the moment it seems my hands require me to still use the heftier DSLRs. Maybe the vertical grip would help?
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Apr 11, 2014