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Charmian, Thanks for clarifying for Stinky Poo. I received some campaign flier from Joe Sack last week and Peter Lane's name was on it. I also received a voicemail from Peter Lane encouraging me to vote for Joe Sack. I assume that since the tallies were so close that most people who voted for Joe also voted for Peter Lane. What's remarkably is how few votes John Alfano received. I know he is a Doug French ally and Peter Jovanovich supporter.
Judith, I've been away for awhile. What's Peter's "Peter problem"? I'm curious.
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2013 on Jovanovich To Run For Rye Mayor at
French walks around like a little Napoleon. The Mayor should never prevent a Councilman from accessing City records, or control whether or not a City Manager responds to a Councilman's inquiry. I agree with Bob Zahm's point to grant the authority to request and obtain info to the rest of the Council. Sure, an honest Mayor and an honest City Manager would also fix many of these problems, but that looks like it won't happen until 2014. French: When will you announce if you are running for re-election? I can't wait to see what you'll decide. Time is ticking... Scott should start looking for a new job.
Bob, We don't really care about your standards for your neighbors- and I am grateful that we live on opposite ends of town (maybe ;) ). My standards for my Deputy Mayor would not include sexual harassment in the workplace, or anywhere else for that matter. That is why these issues are important and need to be vetted. "Rye faces major problems. Our infrastructure is crumbling. Roads and bridges need repair, sidewalks must be built or improved, and crosswalks made safer. Underneath our roads lies millions of dollars of sewer and other infrastructure that need to be fixed." These are the words spoken by a man who possibly chased female employees around his desk leveraging his position of authority. Is it your position that sexual harassment in the workplace is acceptable so long as we fix the infrastructure? Good government is not just about the issues that affect you personally, Bob. As we have come to learn in Rye, the integrity and values of our leaders are important. How about we invite Judith Hill to our next City Council Meeting to provide her perspective on our Deputy Mayor?
I didn't mean to infer that Peter Jovanovich had an affair. What I meant to say was that I feel bad for Robin, knowing that she was sitting at a desk writing newspaper articles, as Peter was chasing the girls around his own desk at his workplace.
I feel bad for Robin Jovanovich, having to like through her husband's affair.
Didn't Matt Fahey manage Doug's campaign? Yikes! And now he wants to be our next mayor?! Not on my watch!
Matt, Didn't you manage Doug French's campaign?
Toggle Commented Feb 6, 2013 on Taking to the Streets, 501c(3) Style at
@ Matt Fahey- When did you realize you wouldn't be able to fulfill the commitment of the Rye Fire Department? Surely you were aware of your work hours for your job, the demands of the Department, and the potential conflict prior to joining. Also, you didn't answer my question. Are you planning to run for political office this year? If so, will you run for Councilman or Mayor? Which political party? I heard you had a "falling out" with the Republicans. I'm curious. Thanks.
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2013 on Taking to the Streets, 501c(3) Style at
Bob, I don't have insider information. Again, read the blog. Sixth paragraph: "We emailed the city in this regard". Read the email chain. You're wrong.
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2013 on Freedom, Electronically at
Bob, You are misinformed as usual. Please read the post again and get back to me. The City is charging Mr. Sculti $65 per hour. This is impossible. NYS Law states that the hourly salary to reproduce a record should be equivalent to that of the lowest paid employee who can complete the task. Do the math. Surely Mr. Pickup isn't the only person in the City qualified to redact information. Further, the City cannot charge to redact info. It says it in the Open Meetings Law. There's an advisory opinion out on this. Again, read (including the sourced documents). I also don't believe Mr. Sculti asked for copies of documents. He only asked to review them. Are you sure you didn't let Mayor French borrow your username and password?
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2013 on Freedom, Electronically at
Matt- Are you running for political office this year? Just curious. The last time you took on a volunteer responsibility (when you joined the Fire Dept) you ran for Council and then quit. Thanks. Curious Tom
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2013 on Taking to the Streets, 501c(3) Style at
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