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Mar 15, 2010
Surely the argument that, oh well, they've had the kids now so there's no point in prosecuting the couple for their crime undermines the whole principle that punishment should act as some sort of deterent. What about if you said "Oh, well, they got the car back now", would that mean you shouldn't still punish car theives. There are good reasons why incest is against the law - just because they "got away with it" for so long doesn't stop it being an activity that society judges to be harmful
Toggle Commented Mar 7, 2007 on Couple stand by "forbidden love" at THE LAST DITCH
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Wow, it looks great. I'm dead jealous. I went to The Adventures of Tintin at Sea at the National Maritime Museum a few years back, which dwelt a lot on the detail herge put into illustrating the boats and ships in the series - - likewise no photos allowed though
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Working fine in IE6 on Windows XP for me when I tried it
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Wouldn't it be nice as well if all parties were more honest about the whole process and made the instructions given by the whip public -
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