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There should be a whole chapter on the Power Struggle between toddlers and parents. BTW - parents never win. I wonder if switching from the changing table to a bed or the floor would help the diaper changing problem. She may associate the table with being for babies - and she isn't one. As for the clothes - what harm would be caused if she went out in her jammies? Except maybe when she realizes she's the only one in jammies----- Car seats are non-negotiable. and a tough one to get a toddler to understand. I'd look for a way to make it her decision - either a more grown-up carseat or give her the responsibility to buckle a toy in an extra. Anything to give her some power. Good luck whatever you decide to do!
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VBAC? I think you might've consumed one too many jelly beans! Glad to hear that you're having a good semi-vacation, and you're right it's never really a vacation if you've brought the kids with. Unfortunately even if you manage to leave the kids home sometimes the husband can be just as bad. :P
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