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This makes me pretty happy considering that I have been reading a bunch of books via Stanza and the Amazon Kindle app on my iPod Touch. Though I must say that I am disappointed by the price which seems to me to be a little high for an eBook. I have bought a lot of books in Amazon Kindle format precisely because of the pricing. I just don't think it makes sense for eBook and regular book pricing to be that close. Though to be fair I see some books quite close to the Amazon price and one ebook is slightly more than the Kindle version of it on Amazon such as "The Philosophy Of Tolkien" and in a case like that I will support you over downloading it on Amazon instead. I really would rather download all of your titles via your site. The page on the eBook format is fairly informative, but does not mention whether you are using DRM or not. Though glad you use a format available to the Kindle since I am sure to get the device sometime in the future.
I read Dracula about two years back and was quite surprised by the Catholic sacramentals and use of the Eucharist. Interesting that a Protestant writer would choose Catholic sacramentals in this way. Though I could have done without the use of the Holy Eucharist as a method to keep a vampire in it's coffin. Thanks Sandra, will have to check out your recommendations. I have certainly enjoyed other of Saberhagen's books.
About time you joined us! You can find other Catholics at I'm at
Well I would make some key points. The uninsured number is questionable especially considering that a large group included would be people who have decided not to get health insurance even though they could afford it. Uninsured does not mean unable to get insurance. I am not in favor of so-called universal healthcare. As retired military I have healthcare supplied, but it is rationed and every year cuts gut it even more. More than a few times I have paid health care costs out of pocket because of untimely or poor care. If we can't even provide a good healthcare system for our veterans, how can we do it for the whole country? I don't want to see the Federal government involved because they will syphon off money for healthcare in overhead. Much better if we work at local government and community levels to help those who need care. Or at the most the state level. The money is better spent and it is important that we are personally involved and not just sending another task to the fed and empowering them even more. I think it is our duty to help the poor. What the fed has done in the area of health insurance is to make it more expensive. They keep requiring companies to cover more and more and just look at how many plans include contraception and abortion. There are plenty of things that need to be repaired and I doubt if they will. I fear it will only get worse if the fed gets involved. As for the uninsured middle class. Again it is a decision they have made. They have decided to buy other things and made health care a lower priority. The middle class can certainly afford it. People often forget that Nazi Germany had socialized medicine and when they looked to lower costs they created a gas to use to kill off some patients. The same gas later used on the Jewish people. I just see nothing but danger signs when the government gets involved more heavily. Medicaid costs are way over and nobody will say that the poor are being treated well under it. I have no problem with safety net programs, it is when they grow to cover more and more people I become deeply concerned. As Catholics we should be supporting Catholic hospitals with charity cases.
Ed Peters, Fr Z said the olive branch was really a trojan horse! As for these people being representative of the new Catholic Church he has a point. Sotomayor represents all those Catholics who don't attend Mass regularly. What they don't represent is faithful Catholics. Liberation theology is yesterdays stale marxist theology, though I would like to be a fly on the wall if the Pope and him ever discussed the issue considering what the Pope has written about this.
Christopher West in his book "The Love That Satisfies" also mentions Hugh Hefner and as I remember when reading it his view of Hefner is certainly not what Nighlines edited clips make it out to be. Though he should not be surprised in the least what happened. This is par for the course in modern "journalism."