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There are important issues raised here, and I certainly do appreciate the engagement and debate. Thanks for linking to my blog, too, where there's lots more about open access related issues, cf. I want to make sure that we're understanding each others' positions. My piece opens with a definition of academic freedom that I think is compatible with yours. In fact, the Norwegian document I link to actually includes the clause that you propose here, namely the freedom to publish where you want. So, the first part of my piece is a consideration of the "stick" approach to OA, and I conclude that it is indeed a violation of academic freedom for governments to require of their researchers to publish in journals that are either gold OA or even that allow archiving. If I believe my paper belongs in the Journal of Invisible Research and I always wanted to publish there, academic freedom gives me that right. So, the first part of my piece argues against forced OA policies. But then I ask if there aren't any carrots -- any reasons which might lead researchers to conclude that publishing in OA fora is good for them. And I list the four I came up with. And I really believe them. So, I think it's totally unacceptable that you be forced to publish in OA journals. But I think there are pretty good reasons that you should -- reasons that will extend the impact of your work, which is the whole reason we publish, after all. Right? Impact factor, by the way, is a total scam, and we should all be resisting it. I covered this recently in the Guardian, and on my blog: Thanks again for the debate ... and the charity :)
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Great post, and I completely agree that Sheryl S has done wonderful work on gender equality. But I want to encourage her to use her incredibly strong position to push hard on the "board" issue -- imagine what it would do for gender diversity work if she would actually quit over this! My thoughts are here: Why Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg must resign!
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Feb 7, 2012