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Interests: photography, design, web design, street art, sports, vector art
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Wow. Audrey. Great story and love that personal letter. May he RIP. What a great painting and so true to life. I was just in Egypt late last year and missed the uprising. I am glad to see that the Egyptians are taking over their life and government.
Completely reminds me of where I grew up in Syracuse and the snowfall we used to get.
Wow. It is interesting to have the letter point out the inconsistencies of what we see in the photo and get a true understanding for what took place. Archival material really helps to paint the true history of art. I wonder what would have been done if there was photoshop back in the day. Thanks Jonathan and Cheers.
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2011 on The Camera Does Lie at Archives of American Art Blog
I missed the exhibition but this is pretty amazing to see how you created the show. Well done.
Kind of a catch-22 being good at rejection isn't it. I guess it is good to be able to take it in stride rather than mope around about it.
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Mar 16, 2010