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Quick addition - yes, I do think an expectation of no (or very rare) outages/glitches is reasonable. I literally cannot ever remember a time when I was unable to stream through Amazon instant streaming, yet outages and other issues happen all the time with Netflix.
Eh, this is one too many issues - huge price increase, no more Starz, and now what I *suspect* was an intentional change to test the waters that didn't go well, so now they're backpedaling. Even if it was just a weekend glitch, Netflix just clearly doesn't have its act together when it comes to streaming. If they want to charge almost twice as much as it previously cost, they'd better not have bugs, glitches, outages, etc. etc. - period. They clearly can't deliver that, so I'm out. I'll stick to hulu and amazon prime for streaming, and fill in the gaps with Netflix DVDs (which they still seem to be able to do semi-competently).
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Sep 7, 2011