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Would you mind telling me more about the breakfast dish with the egg yolk drops? Process? Source? I came across your blog through Alinea Mosaic. I like your stuff. Clean and pretty. I am always up to exchange ideas and techniques with a fellow chef/blogger. Thanks.
Well said. I also like to share my experiences through photographs via my blog. This has also been a dilemma for me. The only place that I really had any trouble was at Arzak. Elena Arzak personally came to the table and told me that it was ok to take photos, sans flash. My first priority has always been to enjoy the food the way the chef has intended. However, being a chef myself, I always like to have a digital document of my meal, for research and reference purposes. If it is ever a problem for the chef, I comply. As for offending other diners, I am always very unobtrusive. I expect the same from others. I also read both of the posts, from Grant Achatz and Carol Blymire. I think they both have valid points. I guess I feel like a few bad apples are ruining it for the whole bunch. Moving forward, I will continue to do what I have done. I will continue to have the utmost respect for the chef, the restaurant and fellow diners. Hopefully being able to continue on with what I have been doing. If it is a problem, just tell me. My ego isn't so out of control that I am unable to show respect.
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2010 on The Food Blogger's Dilemma at Docsconz- The Blog
I got some bee pollen a couple of years ago in Montreal at a farmer's market and then never really did anything with it. I have never tried to apply it to a culinary application though, but I can see how it work. It has a kind of green tea flavor to it. The textur could also bee appealing if in the right presentation. Guess I'll be experimenting a bit. Thanks for reminding me that I had a jar of bee pollen to mess around with. is now following The Typepad Team
Mar 1, 2010