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Have the new writers started? Because BOTH AMC & OLTL seem to have sudden kicked into high gear!
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2013 on In The Worst Way at Serial Drama
I don't... & never will... watch this show.... But with her hair like that, Brooke looks like Jennifer Saunders, which makes this all look like a hiLARious parody of soaps!
Sheesh, SHELTER is Douche Central! .... & it's a fine dining establishment as well?!?!? That hurts my head as well as my stomach. .... And you KNOW I want OLTL to succeed!
Toggle Commented May 8, 2013 on The Day That Got Way Better at Serial Drama
...."NEIL GENZLINGER"..... I should't take it personally.... but I do!
I've been astounded by the just plain STOOPIT comments I've seen around the net... They reinforce all the worst stereotypes about people who watch soaps! BTW, did you see the piece in the NYT?!?!? The writer hasn't respect for the genre, and assumes his readers don't either. He cites on of his issues as "Any young characters are played by actors far too old for the roles." HAS HE EVER EVEN SEEN A TELEVISON SHOW BEFORE?!?!?!
I never cared for CARA or GRIFFIN before... They were a bandaid on, lets face it, what was a corpse. But this time, I like them! If I remember correctly, they were the first to sign on... I admire & appreciate that.... Coz who REALLY had faith that this was gonna happen???? Maybe I'm just in a POLYANNA mood, but I like EVERONE so far... Even CELIA has improved during this single week! And has anyone else zoned out & forgotten we're watching something ALL-NEW? I'll be sittin' there, and all of a sudden it will hit me, HOLY FREAKIN YOWSERS, my friends & family are BACK FROM THE DEAD!!!!!! (In that sense, I can understand the blasé reaction to VICTOR's return on OLTL!)
Toggle Commented May 3, 2013 on All My Profound Thanks at Serial Drama
Is it my imagination or is BLAIR more GORGEOUS than ever?!?!?! VIKI: "Bathroom Reading, at best!" HAAAAAAA! (do they have bathrooms at Llanfair?) I am pleasantly surprised with Corbin Bleu... Not only can he hold his own, but he is LIKEABLE. I continue to be impressed with DANI... Ms. Missal must have been studying in the interim, plus her character is actually DOING something now, not just REacting to others. I agree with the poster above; something was MORE maternal (& endearing) about NORA than in the old OLTL. I have ONE LITTLE TINY COMPLAINT..... They couldn't have found a better wig for DORIAN?!?!?!?! That shabby thing came right off the shelf at RICKY'S™!!!!
Toggle Commented May 2, 2013 on And That Life Keeps On Livin' at Serial Drama
OLTL was WAY BETTER than I was expecting! I almost wet my pants when I saw the library at Llanfair! That set is what I picture when people say "Go to your Happy Place"... to see it again after already having said goodbye... I don't have a word for that feeling. I did NOT like Blair hittin' on that kid... way more likely she would go after one of those hot bouncers at her club! Blair Cramer wants a MEAL, not a snack!!! I was most impressed with Dani! She has grown as an actress & I'm excited to see where she goes from here! I was fearful of the Destiny recast... the STRENGTH of the character was how REAL the previous actress was! But damn, this new actress IS sexy! LOVED Tea's scene in the nursery! EXCITED that David mentioned Roxy; that means there's a chance Ilene Kristen could come back!
Toggle Commented May 2, 2013 on The Second Life to Live at Serial Drama
I preferred the AMC opening to OLTL, though I think OLTL is the tighter show. I am THRILLED with this Miranda!! She can act AND she has personality! I TOTALLY buy her as Erica Kane's granddaughter! I got a little weepy over The Hubbards. Smart to make Angie & Jesse the center of the show. LOVE that they've just DELETED Randi from everyone's memory! That was a deliberate dis & I am petty enough to enjoy it! This Petey is too "perfect" looking...too scrubbed & plucked... like he's CGI & everyone else is real. When I see his face, all I can think about is how long it must take to do his eyebrows.
Don't know why my post was cut off... but I was saying, after that scene with SAM, I was hugging everyone thru the holidays, declaring, "You *ARE* a good guy!!!"
I really appreciate that they didn't make KIM "evil", that they showed the reality that sometimes, things just don't work out, & people part ways... & it can be done peacefully & loving, with no "bad guys".
Since seeing SAM, I've been going up to everyone at parties, hugging them & saying, "You're ★ALREADY★ a Good Guy!!!"
I've said before: The Viewer may ASPIRE to be VIKI, DORIAN or BLAIR, but The Viewer ★IS★ ROXY! This was 1,000,000% LOVE LETTER & I was hyperventilating from laughing so much! & then... choking up. What a wonderful feeling to know that ONE LIFE TO LIVE loves us back!
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2011 on The Greatest Hour Of My Life at Serial Drama
CLINT's attraction to KIM is very ASA-esque! Have you seen how sexxxxehh CAIN ROGAN looks on BREAKING BAD? & hey, isn't that Mary Testa as ALBERTA in that TABERNACLE clip?!?
Toggle Commented Dec 22, 2011 on The Old-School Approach at Serial Drama
The viewer may ASPIRE to be VIKI or DORIAN, but the viewer IS ROXY!
It was PURE LOVE LETTER & I was grinnin' ear to ear!!! & unashamedly teary-eyed! What a TREAT to see VIKI getting all flustered & hurt... it almost seemed like she was going to go NIKI SMITH for a moment! Didn't NOELLE's pie look gooooood?!?!?! I must be getting even more sentimental in my old age (or as we near The End), because I don't even mind NEELA & JACK! & KIM.... that Amanda Setton is a CARTOON of GORGEOUSNESS! Each of her eyes are, like, three feet wide! ...& from me, that's an ultimate compliment! Of course ROXY is my favorite; not only do I love her, but I'm PROUD of her!
Its a double dose of tears today with the BALTIC AVE™ news & now MATTHEW. ...& I hadn't even recovered from cryin' over BRODY! ⚡❤⚡
I cried. I cried, not only for BRODY & LIAM, not only for OLTL & The End Of Soaps, but for everything that has happened in "real life" during this storyline. Seriously, this story seems to have begun 3-5 years ago, & during that time people have come & gone, jobs have come & gone; life has changed. I deeply appreciate that OLTL is allowing this to resolve with no "villain". Let's hold hands & face The End together.
Toggle Commented Nov 23, 2011 on Farewell to the Pairing of the Year at Serial Drama
Another favorite thing: VIKI had her hair blown out in between her upstairs & downstairs scenes!
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2011 on Llanview Forever! at Serial Drama
On thing that CRACKS ME UP is that this little dog is SOOOOO WELL-BEHAVED, so all the actors have to go OVER THE TOP playing that she's so "BAAAAAD" to compensate for what a darling she is!
The tragedy of JACK is thinking of what a juicy OPPORTUNITY the role would have been for an actor who could actually ACT... & ENJOYED acting. This Trischetta kid doesn't seem to even really want to be there (a little enthusiasm can make up for a lot of talent), & anyone who thinks he's improving is kidding themselves.
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2011 on Choosing the Wrong Boy (or ALSO) at Serial Drama
Louise, I heard your jaw drop all the way over here on that "She's ok; she's ok..." line!!! He's the arbiter or what's "ok"!!!!
Maybe its just coz I'm old, but TINA & CORD are making me SWOON! I don't think we've had ROMANCE like this for many years! & yes, I was gettin' turned ON in the barn scene!