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QuitinaV added a favorite at Forty Deuce
Sep 19, 2010
QuitinaV added a favorite at Forty Deuce
Jun 17, 2010
You can tell from his throwing stance that he's definitely going deep AND long. And then in that last picture someone must have asked him to go even deeper, and he rose to the challenge. Perfect technique all around. These pictures definitely leave me satisfied. Thank you Nole, and thank you Love All.
Toggle Commented Mar 26, 2010 on Goin' Deep at Forty Deuce
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Hello. My name is Jonas. Or, to keep it tennis-related, Hello. My name is Oh, you mean normal people don't wear their initials everywhere?
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Would it be completely inappropriate to include a link to this video in the weekly email I send to the students in my Spanish class? We talk about Rafa every day (he's great for teaching grammar, especially the comparison lessons),and so now they love him, obvio. And they all know who Shakira is, so it'd be a cultural experience, right? I mean, I´d be sending the Gitana video, so it´d be in Spanish. And they´re university students, so they should be able to handle it. Or is it too racy for American universities? Honestly, my judgment is completely altered at this point and I don't want to get fired. I just feel like I would be doing them a great injustice if I didn't share the best part of Spain with my students...
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I like to pretend that the special moment shared by Serena and Margaret Court during the trophy presentation was less a result of general American awkwardness during kiss salutations and more of an attempted Michael Scott - Oscar reenactment carried out intentionally and almost successfully by Serena.
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2010 on Pic This: Championship Weekend at Forty Deuce
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Jan 22, 2010