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Jeff, I say this with respect. The point of this piece is absolutely NOT that artists should plan to fail. I'm not jaded, I continue to make music, promote music, and support the creative community. I also like to know what something costs. I just don't like to pay "$325 for that guitar" and then keep paying $49.99 for it yearly to store it in my guitar case. :) The point is that an overwhelming majority of artists should choose a different service because (according to the data) re-upping every year with Tunecore doesn't serve them financially. I haven't seen too many people getting excited and running marketing campaigns for their college band's 4-5 year old record. Also, I do not work for CD Baby and I've never owned an 8-Track. C. Vincent Plummer Co-founder Bedloo
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- Scott What do you like most about Distro Kid? - Agenda I'm curious to know why you think Topspin is a waste of money. I think their direct-to-fan approach is one of the best. They have lots of tools to gather the necessary information from fans... and the bundling of the tickets with other merchandise is pretty attractive. Now... if your band isn't really active (like a lot of bands) I can understand the argument, but as far as active bands go, I think they're one of the best. - Neil Hosting them on your site is cool, but most of the time the social functions aren't built into self hosting or with .mp3 wordpress plugins. Is that what you do?
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Nov 18, 2013