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C Ward
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Oh dearest Sissy and Tuck I checked the site for the latest update after being gone for a bit, only to find such sad news. Alan and I send our condolences and love. How fortunate for you and Tiny to have been able to share the last fifteen years together. I am sure Tiny knew in that primal cat way that she was loved unconditionally. What a gift to give, and get. And pain is the price of love. "I can conjure her up via the magic of memory whenever I wish" - What a beautiful comfort Carol
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Mar 15, 2010
Sissy - You and Tiny have made the rest of us fall in love with Earl Grey. As I have been tracking the development of the romance, I have been concerned about what would happen when the weather turned less hospitable for outdoor clowdering. It appears that all of you are in deep negotiations on that issue now. Yes, I think Earl is trying to adopt you. And it has not gone un-noticed that Earl seems more comfortable with the paparazzi.
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2009 on So easy to love at sisu
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Thanks for the inspiration. I wandered over to Hoffman's site and donated. Here's hoping it turns out better than the last NY special election that gave the rest of us Gillibrand..... And Gayle Miller, you made me laugh...
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I haven't quite glommed onto twittering yet, and I am not sure that I will. I agree with Elisson - there is something intellectually delicious about starting out in one place, and coming out of a post with an entirely new perspective, something less likely to happen in 140 characters. Certainly there is a discipline of thought required to express oneself in only 140 characters. But to journey though the wonders of the English language, with real grammar? Ah, that is a true art. Combining the thought discipline (but not necessarily the 140 character limitation!) with the art? Priceless. And what I like about your blog. Glad to hear all is starting to return to a more even keel. Who was it that said life wasn't going to be easy? I think that was you!
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2009 on The soul of wit at sisu
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