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Christian Wilkie
Minneapolis, MN
Christian is a Mpls-based editor and writer.
Interests: homebrew, writing, biking, MMOs, photography, grilling
Recent Activity
It seems like it's difficult to find an editor with a gentle hand and an open mind. At my last place of work, any time I needed a vacation they would call in one or another temp editor. One was addicted to inserting "that" wherever possible, another labored under antiquated comma usage, etc. I could identify who they'd contracted by the nature of the work I had to undo when I returned. It was heartbreaking to see an editor strip the voice out of our talented copywriters, rather than touch up a line or two or just ask some pertinent questions.
A long time ago I tried my hand at children's literature. It was much harder than I'd anticipated. I could never get into the right mindset or tone, no matter how much I revised. One of my problems was using large words (even when I didn't think I was doing this), and my instructor asked me to study William Steig, as a kind of guide.