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another interesting point is that samknows only gave out routers to customers of the larger isps, the ones with llu in the exchanges, therefore eliminating many in the the final third of the uk. Therefore the results would be higher due to many of the less fortunate not being able to contribute. We managed to get one of the routers to run a test with, but our figures were never collated. chris
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One move that would kickstart roll out in the Uk would be for government to level the playing field and remove the stupid VOA tax on lighting fibre. This one thing alone would give companies the chance to invest in infrastructure. A tax invented in 1600s is now stifling any initiatives to help rural areas due to the tax being measured in metres.
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great article. I know many with higher degrees serving fries in MacDonalds. JFDI is the best degree, granted by the school of life. chris
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Great post. I think humans are social animals and currently with families being split up so much through education and careers the internet has given us our family and friends back. We skype, we chat, we post videos and photos to the ether and we all pick them up wherever we live. Our small village family has grown into a digital family, a global village. Thank you Internet. chris
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