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Anybody that knows about business knows that the next step after cost-based "unbundling" the pricing of your business products, is to form separate entities, in this case two web sites, so you can provide better service and/or divvy up your business resources. The ultimate objective might be for Netflix/Qwikster to sell one of the business and get out of that product business. I have no clue why Reed is apologizing for sound business decisions.
What's the point of this article? As James Heartley mentions above, nothing has changed - it's all right there in the Terms Of Service. Of course that assumes you can decipher the Terms Of Service, which could be much better written for understandability...
That's hilarious - no Play button! Wonder if anyone thinks to Beta Test the software before releasing it?
It's not clear from the article if Televisa content will be available in the U.S., or just in Latin America. I've been known to watch some of the Televisa Soaps on cable here in San Diego...
Don't forget about all those corner mailboxes the Postal Service is "decommissioning." I now have to go about half a mile to the nearest box, right here in the middle of a San Diego city residential area.
I plan to do nothing. Now that DVD rental and streaming prices are unbundled, as inevitably they had to be, I see a REDUCTION in my monthly subscription price for Netflix service, as I am a "heavy" rental user. People don't seem to realize that unbundling the pricing of the two services (DVD rental and Streaming) reduces the subsidies between the two services. Thus "light" users of DVD services prices go up, while "heavy" users of DVD services prices go down. I'm sure Netflix has considered the price elasticity (how sensitive users are to price changes up or down), and probably expects the average profit per Netflix customer to at least remain constant after the unbundling of the two services. Of course Netflix marketing isn't going to use this "economics speak" to communicate with users, so they go on about under-estimating DVD rental demand, or something like that.
You forgot to mention Netflix calls this a "Minor" change that effects "2%" of Netflix users. Of course that 2% are the heaviest users, who also happen to provide probably 98% of the reviews written. Details not relevant I guess ... After 1,500 reviews written over a decade, I get the message - no more reviews from me on Netlix!
Nice if Netflix had a default setting - none of my boxes are checked. So what setting am I currently seeing?
Question - I went to the "Manage Video Quality" setting and there was no default, i.e. nothing was checked. So if I'm not having any quality problems streaming, then I should just leave the boxes unchecked? I'd ask Netflix Customer Service, however, they'd probably be clueless.
Does any of this stuff help with our Instant Watch Queues ordering? I'm really not interested in this "new interface", especially now it is so useless - I add titles to my Instant Watch queue from other sources. My gripe is everytime I look at the 177 IW titles in my queue, they show up in some new random order, not the neat order I've fruitlessly attempted many times to implement. How does Netflix expect us to be excited about Instant Watch when they make it so darn hard to use?
Four TVs - PS3, PS3, Roku, WD HD Live. Backups for these TVs (in same order) - WD HD Live Hub, Vizio TV, Samsung Blu-ray Player, Samsung Blu-ray Player. All four TVs can play Blu-ray disks, plus stream stuff from the WD HD Live Hub. also all TVs also have gazillion Cable channels plus PPV. It's a little overkill..
OMG - who dreamed up this user interface? It has "Techie" written all over - glitzy and not at all intuitive, sort of stuff programmers dream up. Doesn't Netflix run these sort of things by Marketing Focus Groups before implementing? I consider myself rather technically competent, and it took me a way too many minutes to figure how use the this new interface. It's sure wonderful to be a monopoly, and be able to do this sort of stuff irrespective of how/whether your customers even like or dislike it or not. And don't hold your breath Netflix will make any changes to this new interface based on complaints.
Why would Hastings want anything to do with trying to manage the bloated, bureaucratic Microsoft? The man is an entrepreneur, not a turn-around artist. As long as he's having fun at Netflix, Hastings will stay in the thick of things, but as soon as Netflix gets too big and bulky, he'll bail to some new entrepreneurial venture that catches his fancy.
that's hilarious. I frequently see bizarre recommendations for me when I add a title, but nothing this far out in left field. I try to guess what triggered certain unusual recommendations for me, and can guess some logical reason. Most of the time, recommendations for me are pretty much right on.
The workaround, or whatever, always let me after a couple of tries. That is until Sony required a new Playstation Network password. Now with my setup of auto sign-ins, the Netflix App is just one click and works just fine. I wasn't aware the App was down again, but had it not worked, I do have at least one other Netflix device on every TV.
15 and that includes 4 computers I've never even tried to load the netflix software on. So I have 11 non-computer devices. So now I can just go activate them all, and not have to play the activate/de-activate game. Of course not all of them get used all the time (each TV has at least two devices), but hey that's not really relevant. Any device will at least be available if that's the one you want to stream to. Netflix probably picked some high number, like 50, fully realizing (they have records) that nobody uses more than 4 devices simultaneously on any one account.
Would you want to share the movie or TV show you're watching on Facebook? No Way. I'll stick with the private, invite only, Netflix discussion social group I participate in.
No trouble at all activating Netflix on a Panasonic Blu-ray Player tonight. I have upteen devices and only 6 activations, so I find myself deactivating one device and activating another frequently. My experience is sometimes it takes a try or two somewhere in the process, but eventually the device does get activated. BTW, re-activating the two PS3s I have - required with the latest PS3 "secure" (sarcasm intended) firmware - was a pain in the butt. And I never had any problem with Netflix when the Playstation Network was down! I do still believe the PS3 is the best interface however.
I have at least two Netflix devices hooked up to each of the 4 Big screen TVs in my place. These include a two Vizio TVs with internet access, 2 PS3s, 2 Roku boxes, 2 Samsung Blu-ray players, and 2 WD Live media hubs. Then there's the SONY Dash (what a loser!), the iPad (iPhone screen is too small!), at least 5 computers (desktops, laptops, PCs, Apple) and probably a few other devices I've missed. Limiting factor, of course, is the 6 devices activated at one time. Seems like the Netflix interface is different among devices. No real favorites - they all work, which is all I care about. I general use the PS3s hooked up to the two really big screen TVs - the current brouhaha with the Playstation Network didn't seem to effect accessing Netflix. I also like the iPad for sitting out on the back patio.
I'll explain why you want to put your return discs in a corner blue box with a once a day pickup: Only one person touches that disc between you and the special Netflix mailing bin at the post office - the post office guy that collects mail from that blue box once a day. If a Netlix disc return goes missing, it's a pretty clear audit trail where the disc has been.
I spent about an hour neatly moving titles about in my queue in a certain order - first alphabetical streaming titles I will re-watch, followed by alphabetical streaming titles I haven't watched yet, followed by alphabetical streaming with DVD titles I haven't watched yet. Three nice little alphabetical groups that make sense to me. Next day, the order is all jumbled up again. If Netflix is SERIOUS about moving people to streaming only, then they better free up some programmer resources to FIX the current abysmal customer interface.
I'll tell you what Netflix Customer Service told me way back in Year 2001: Put your return disc in a corner Post Office box that has a once a day pickup. Been doing this for the last decade and have had no return lost discs.