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Seriously, I see no harm in wanting to express some creativity on the job! Who is it really going to hurt if there happens to be a foam heart on top of your latte? I agree with the fact that Starbucks doesn't have exactly the right equipment for art. The most I can usually get is a rough heart or crude rosetta, but it makes being a work a little more enjoyable. Sometimes it even makes a new connection with an interesting conversation piece. Sure, if your customer is in a huge rush, they aren't going to appreciate much, but when it's slow or you get a customer that's a little less uptight and hurried, why not? As for the pitcher, kudos for the effort! There is no official rule stating you can't use your own pitcher. It just has to be approved and treated like any other pitcher, meaning it gets cleaned and sanitized regularly. It also tends to be up to the DM, SM, and the individual barista as to whether or not we accept a customer's home item. Clearly, we don't allow dangerous items, or things that may damage the equipment (such as blending biscotti), but our store routinely gets customers who bring in their own rice milk because we don't have it. We even have separate non-dairy and soy pitchers for just such an occasion. Back to the art: when it's slow, I personally attempt to perfect my Starbucks art (however futile it may be), so check under your cap; you never know when you may get that rogue pretty latte.
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Oct 29, 2010