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Once more you nail the topic with amazing insight and fantastic writing. As a blogger, reading you makes me despair at the drivel I produce as well as aspires me to greater levels. Thanks for the terrific work. /fanboi babbling
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You nailed what it was that was bothering me about this decision. It appears rational and based on law, but your point about mob rule getting written into the law outlines in bright yellow hilighter the principle of "minority rights".
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An opportunity to shamelessly self-promote on one of the best writer's blog; how could I resist? Check out for an eclectic variety ranging from atheism to Lego to geek culture. Thanks, Greta, for the opportunity and I hope you feel better quickly.
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I'm perfectly content with my 8=o. I guess that's why I didn't click on the links. Or something like that.
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2009 on in the country of the kaurava king at WWdN: In Exile
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