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I witnessed something similar on Muni. It was a crowded ride home on the No. 5. We were all crammed together and a woman about 4 feet away from me started screaming that a man put his hand up her skirt. She then began to fight back against this man. The guy tried to get away from her but there we were all crowded together and no one could move. She kept hitting him and he was muttering over and over again that he was sorry. The bus driver pulled over at the next stop and seemed annoyed by the whole thing. The woman told the bus driver that she wanted to file a report. The bus driver said "this is going to put me way behind schedule." I got off the bus at the next stop. So did the man. He just walked away. A few weeks later, I recognized him again on the No. 5. I hate Muni. I've taken up biking to work instead.
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Apr 10, 2010