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Hi Mr.Friel I have read the bible and frequently get back it, it's just amazing with respect to received information per page, briefly. Thank you for such a work of art. I am also who struggle to elavete my HR, especially, If I didn't hit my LTHR during that week. For example, I did long and intense workout in Friday. Then in next day, I was in Z1-Z2 but high resistance with low cadance on hills as 4 set, again I wasnt able to hit Z4. Today, I had a 3 sets of 20 minutes Zone 3 effort on flat. But I felt like I'm hitting my zone 4 or 5a. Because of this, after I completed first set which was 12 minute in zone 3 and 8 minute in zone 2, I was forced to change today's training as recovery ride. I think this was resulted due to tired muscles. I wonder what your thoughts are? Harun Sayi Best Regards
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Mr. Joe I am reading your precious (for me) Cyclist's Training Bible book and now I am at "Unique Needs" part. For force training, when I kept my cadance lower than 50 rpm, I felt it is more effective than the one which has around 60 rpm cadance as you mentioned above. For total amount of sets, I do 4-5 sets. However, a set includes 3 minutes force interval with cadance of lower than 50 rpm and 2-3 minutes recovery. I felt very powerful especially when I did this bike on strength workout instantly after leg weight training in gym. Would you recommend this type of "bridge-ish" workout? Are my total sets and times enough or should be increased? Note that, normally, the day after maximum strenght workout in gym, I feel pure lactic acid in my legs. However, when I did this bridge workout, I recovered perfectly and felt only that raw strength during pedaling
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