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Eye opening article. Well written and incredibly educational about the process of death qualified jury selection. There is something wrong with our country if this process is truly part of our legal system. This means its a DP trial is over before it even gets started. I feel sorry for our humanity and lack of moral compass out there if our lawmakers are allowing this system to be in place. Too bad for Jahar. In his case, you are right, his fate was sealed before he was even born. It's a corrupt system and hopefully, God willing, something happens to change it so others don't suffer through this process if they find themselves in this type of trail. I hope Jahar's appeals last forever and the gov. has to spend millions more to pay for the poor choice it made not to allow him to take a plea deal from the start two years ago. The ego that permeates the halls of the US Attorney's office, must be enormous. As I recall it was Eric Holder who recommended the DP for this case. The assigned attorney's were bound and determined to win at all costs, losing was not an option. And ultimately the cost is more than tax payer money, it's far beyond that...the emotional cost is the most costly. What a shame we can't punish crimes without the DP as the ultimate goal in high profile cases.
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Jun 25, 2015