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After reading your blog I went off to YouTube to ;find some videos showing the architecture of Cambridge and in particular the chapel. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
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Your Blog post description of The Coat Route is so very enticing, so very delicious. I grabbed a sample from amazon immediately and placed it at the very top of my To Be Read pile. Thanks for sharing!
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Interesting blog Carol! Loved the story about the table.
Interesting blog post. I enjoyed every word. Thank you
I thought the idea re the Endsleigh theme of 'What the Midwife Read'... was an excellent trigger to get my creative writerly juices flowing. The way you handled the idea was fascinating, thank you.
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I was so inspired by your cross stitch of the urn with flowers I used it as a pattern for teaching myself how to duplicate a cross stich pattern in iDraw graphic design drawing software. Here's the result: Thank you for your always interesting blog.
Toggle Commented May 17, 2014 on A Ladybird in the Garden at A Work in Progress
Your words: "Now that I've "read" Jacob's Room, I feel like I am ready to Read Jacob's Room." resonated with me. It's like walking through a forest the second time using the same path. There's time to be more observant because you know the way. Thanks for your blog, I read it nearly every day.
Toggle Commented May 14, 2014 on Jacob's Room by Virginia Woolf at A Work in Progress
You've introduced me to a new author, Penelope Fitzgerald, thank you. I've chosen the Golden Child to start. I have a feeling I will enjoy her stories.
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Excellent suggestion! I've added The Expats to my wish list on the Kindle and, thank you for sharing.
Toggle Commented Jan 15, 2014 on The Expats at Harriet Devine's Blog
Just a little note to say thank you for your book Walking the M62. I've written a "bookish observation" blog post at and at I've also listed it on my GoodReads list. Thank you for sharing your journey. Best wishes Diane Challenor Book Blogger at
Toggle Commented Dec 29, 2013 on Here's the book of the journey at Walking the M62
I'd never heard of Edward Bawden until I read your excellent piece. I'll be hunting him out later today on Google to add some of his work to my growing collection of art images. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the book and giving a window into the detail of his story.
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When I read your blog title, "On this day ... Roger Deakin", I caught my breath. Roger Deakin wrote one of my favorite books of all time "Waterlog - a swimmer's journey through Britain". I went straight to my bookcase, I knew exactly where the book was sleeping. Oh my, how sad it is, he was taken too soon. Thank you for your Blog.
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Thanks for another very readable blog post. One of the best freedoms to give oneself is reading at whim.
What an excellent generous mishmash post. I put on my "active reading" hat and dug into many of your links and added a book to my wish list. Thank you!
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