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Good lord! Where does the time go? I remember so well when you got Abby. I can't believe I've been following your blog that long! But Oh my goodness...what a cute puppy she was. Grew into a beautiful dog.
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Thanks for clearing that up. I was a tad concerned! :)
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Looks like a blast and I loved that car! LOL And those "summer cottages"! Holy cow! Beautiful. But I have to be honest...looking at the broad expanse of grass made me think about MOWING it and shuddering at the thought. Then I realized if I could afford that "summer cottage", I could afford someone to mow the grass. LOL The strange thoughts I have, huh?
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Yep. I agree. I was in higher education (teacher, then as an Assistant Dean) and I hated seeing students I knew shouldn't be there, wasting their money and the instructors' time. And don't get me started on the number of freshmen who had to remedial coursework to BEGIN to get them up to doing college level work. I heard the other night (on the National News or one of the morning shows) that we (as a nation) have a severe shortage of trades people (like plummers, etc) I see what others are saying about college being a place where students are taught critical thinking skills but at what financial cost? The answer may lie in competent high school counselors who can help students plan a realist live plan for a career.
Congratulations Terri! Welcome to PRO. So sorry you'll be missing Nationals in NYC this month. But I hear M&M is an incredible conference. Good luck with your writing
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Jun 15, 2011