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Cyril Lucar
Pastor, Teacher, Missionary, Husband, Father, Bookman, Waterman
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Lessee, the jihadis took responsibility, everyone believed them, so now the anti-jihadists are to blame for victimizing the poor Muslims. They should be embarrassed by that "logic" but they don't care. They just hate Jews, Christians, and capitalists. I don't get it. When the Muslims take over, they'll kill all of the homosexuals and liberals and end all rights for women. The liberals hate us more than they love themselves. Or maybe they hate God more than they love themselves. Muslims I understand. Liberals make no sense to me at all.
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Jan 29, 2011
Pamela, I'm just thinking and praying about Rifqa... And I was thinking about the memorial in Israel (I don't remember the details) for the righteous ones, non-Jews who went to extraordinary lengths to help and protect Jews. If we (Christians) ever build something like that, you should go on it for the lengths you've gone to help our sister. Don't give up. Shalom haverah.
I spent some time on the group's website too. They are evangelical Israel-lovers who REALLY like guns. They make dorky videos and invent ranks for their group. Around here we'd say they were typical North Georgians. I didn't find any hate on the site at all, except for non-members invading their discussion boards. If they're doing anything dangerous, it isn't on their site at all. The mainstream news media (which is basically the same demographic as typical liberals) finds guns and Bible verses frightening. Does anyone REALLY find it plausible that these guys were going to murder a police officer and then bomb his funeral in hopes of starting a revolution? REALLY? I find it ironic a REAL anti-government terrorist bomber, Bill Ayers, has constant access to the White House while these guys are being arrested. I'm grateful the Hutaree didn't rise to the bait and resist arrest and end up the victims of extra-judicial execution as the men, women and children at Waco did.
Pam, Still slow for my broadband. Ditto on everything Werner wrote. I'll keep waiting. Your site is worth it. Perhaps you could drastically reduce the size of your posted images with a click to enlarge option. That'd help. Thanks for the good work.
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"Bong water" You rock, Pamela. That's great! Why has our president been trying so hard to get the wannabe dictator of Honduras re-installed after he was lawfully removed for violating his country's constitution? Obama is so much worse than we could have imagined.
Hit 'em again, Pam! Good work. These people are willing to lie, cheat, destroy people, and break the law to push thier agenda. They think they have the opportunity now to push thier radical change. And they may be right. Part of the plan is to punish dissenters by smear campaigns, abuse of federal power and the passage of new laws. George Orwell, here we come.
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