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Bradley Czerniak
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The numbers give a certain indication as to why the TRG blog isn’t cited in the US-library-based discussion. For instance, just the L&T blog has posted 163 items (often directly related to libraries) since it started on February 9, 2010. In the same time period this blog has only output 42 items. Among those 42 items were tweet commentaries, job postings, and other administrative items; so the actual level of discussion-worthy posts is less than 35. Of those, at least I’ve found, the content is often only tangentially-related to discussing transliteracy. As such, I think the level of citation of TRG is entirely commensurate. The elephant in the room: the analogy to the original Jain/Buddhist story quickly fell apart to comply with the realities of transliteracy. A shape-shifting elephant that some people can see sometimes but that others can’t? I think this confusing ambiguity is exactly why American librarians have taken to arguing. Under what definition of “communication medium” are Skype-on-an-iPhone and body language meaningfully comparable media, for instance? Given that transliteracy is an open source concept, I'd like to formally ask that my concerns (and proposed changes to the working definition) be addressed: Thank you and Happy New Year!
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Dec 31, 2010